‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Dumbfounded By Taylor Swift Love

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Based on a recent discussion on The View, Whoopi Goldberg questions the fascination with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s rumored romance. She isn’t holding back on what she thinks. Surprisingly, the topic made Whoopi jump in and confront the other co-hosts on The View. During the Monday, Oct. 2 episode, Whoopi and the rest of the panel, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Ana Navarro were focused on Taylor Swift.

Whoopi Goldberg Discusses New Way To Watch Football

They all talked about Swift showing up to the Sunday, Oct. 1 Kansas City Chiefs football game with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sophie Turner, and Hugh Jackman. So Whoopi Goldberg, said she has a “newfound interest in the NFL.” She talked about how Disney was offering an animated football option to get more families interested. Undeniably the conversation was circulating on Taylor’s appearance at Kelce’s football games.

However, Whoopi Goldberg questioned why it was “so extraordinary” that Taylor Swift was involved. Ana Navarro gave the response as if it was obvious, “Because it’s Taylor Swift!” Adding jokingly, “The two games she’s showed up on, the Kansas City people have won. I wish she’d start dating a Dolphins player.”

Focusing On The Good

Ana Navarro continued with admiration, “This is not my cup of tea but I’m very impressed with Taylor Swift and Beyonce and what the two of them have achieved. Between the two of them, they’re having an economic impact of almost $10 billion on the global economy.” Whoopi Goldberg agreed with Navarro’s point about the huge impact Taylor Swift is making.

What Kind Of Name Is That?

Sara Haines brought up the idea that this could all be a “PR [public relations] stunt,” However, she pointed out it didn’t matter since talent and PR have helped Taylor become who she is today. Following, Alyssa Farah Griffin, quipped they need a nickname better than “Traylor.” Suggesting alternately, “Tavis” or “Swelce.” As Alyssa talked, Whoopi Goldberg had her elbows on the table, with her face on her hands.

Whoopi Goldberg Gets To The Point

However, Whoopi Goldberg pulled everyone back saying, “But what about the football?” But no one immediately offered an answer. Then Sunny Hostin addressed the question saying, “I think the reason no one’s answering your question is because we don’t really care about the football.” Whoopi perplexed said, “So here’s my response to that: then why did we pick this to talk about?”  Continuing, “I love Taylor. She’s great. I’m watching football whether she’s participating or not. I would never have brought this up.”

Notably, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have not officially confirmed whether they are romantically involved. But there has been increased buzz as with the attendance to both Chiefs football games on Sept. 24 and Oct. 1.

What do you think about the interaction on The View with Whoopi Goldberg? Do you think there will be an official announcement about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? What do you think the celebrity couple’s combo name should be? Drop your comments below.

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