‘The View’ Joy Behar Gets Raunchy About STD & ‘Golden Bachelor’

Joy Behar/YouTube, The View

The View host Joy Behar is no stranger to controversial statements. However, a raunchy joke she made during Friday’s live show had viewers completely floored. Continue reading to see what she said that had fans so surprised.

‘The View’ Discusses ‘The Golden Bachelor’

During Friday’s show, the ladies of The View decided to take a moment to discuss the latest Bachelor spinoff show, The Golden Bachelor. The show will follow 72-year-old Gerry Turner as he looks for the new love of his life following the death of his wife in 2017.

The Golden Bachelor debuted on Thursday night and the hosts of The View took no time to dive right into a conversation about the spinoff.

Both Sara Haines and Alyssa Farrah Griffin said that they loved the concept of the new show. Alyssa even stated that she was glad producers decided to lean into “s*x,” given the age of the cast members.

Alyssa Farrah Griffin/YouTube, The View

Image: YouTube/The View

Sunny Hostin, on the other hand, thought the idea of The Golden Bachelor was awful. She stated that she was “horrified” to hear about the premise of the show. According to Sunny, it sounds “so thirsty and undignified.”

While the chat featured some opposing views, many viewers did not expect the NSFW turn it would take as Joy Behar and Ana Navarro joined in on the conversation.

Joy Behar And Ana Navarro Raise Eyebrows

Apparently, Ana stated that she couldn’t believe that so many people were surprised to find out that people were looking for love and s*x, later in life.

Ana Navarro/YouTube, The View

Image: YouTube/The View

Ana continued by citing a fact about Florida, the state in which she resides. “Remember, in Florida, there’s that retirement community… it is also the zip code in the United States with the highest incidents of sexually transmitted diseases,” she said.

Joy joined in with another NSFW joke, laughing and saying, “As I always say, nobody wants to hear the words, “Nana has the clap!” After dropping the shocking joke, she swiftly introduced a commercial break.

Joy Gets More Raunchy On ‘The View’

It seems that Joy Behar has been leaning into her NSFW behavior on The View recently. Earlier in September, she begged guest Michael Symon to take his shirt off.

Joy Behar/YouTube, The View

Image: YouTube/The View

Symon was invited to The View to do a cooking segment, but things quickly became inappropriate. Ana Navarro wished him a happy birthday and showed the audience a shirtless selfie he shared on his birthday last year. The photo showed a close-up of Michael’s torso and his tattoos.

Joy seemed to be shocked by the photo and begged the guest to take off his shirt. “Let me see! Is that real? Let me see! Can you show?” she pleaded. Michael confirmed that he really does look like that but that he wouldn’t be removing his shirt on the show.

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