‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s Kids Welcome Two More Sisters

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s kids have just welcomed two more sisters into their lives. How exactly did this happen? Her former sister wife, Robyn Brown has said she would like to add to her family. So, did she secretly welcome more babies? Read on for all of the exciting details.

Sister Wives Christine Brown’s Kids Welcome Two More Sisters

Christine Brown’s children have a plethora of siblings. She gave birth to six kids and, in total, there are eighteen Brown offspring. This includes Robyn Brown’s three children from her first marriage. They were ultimately adopted in 2014 by Kody Brown. Sadly, over the recent years, it has felt that Robyn distanced her family from Christine and former second wife, Janelle Brown’s kids. Luckily, Christine and Janelle’s children had such a closeness that they were able to keep their tight bond. Luckily, Christine’s six are about to welcome two more to their brood.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Kids Instagram
Christine Brown Kids-Instagram

According to People, Christine’s daughters Mykelti Padron, Aspyn, Ysabel, and Gwendlyn Brown recently reunited. Along with them, they were linked up with two of their mother’s fiance, David Woolley’s daughters. Gwendlyn shared it on her Instagram and wrote: “sisters 👯‍♀️.” Though David is a father of eight, most of them are opting to not be featured so he is respecting their wishes. Fans immediately wanted to know who these two unfamilair faces were when they saw them on Gwen’s IG. Immediately they were asking about the brunettes especially since Christine’s girls are blondes.

Gwendlyn Brown-Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown-Instagram

Quickly it was realized that they were David’s girls. The families have meshed quite well and the weddding is right around the corner. This will be Christine Brown’s first legal marriage as she and Kody just had a spiritual wedding. More so, he was always saying how he was not attracted to her and treated her like she was nothing. That is the opposite of David, who considers her a queen. More so, he dotes on her and seemingly makes her feel safe. Finally, she has her happy ending.

On The Show

Still on Sister Wives, Christine Brown has yet to meet David Woolley biut she did set herself up with a matchmaker. At fifty, she is nervous about getting out in the dating world. Additionally, she is helping to coach Janelle Brown who has no idea what to do with Kody. She knows that she wants to be separated but needs to pull the trigger. Hopefully, fans will get to see Christine meet David and follow their love story away from social media. In any case, it is amazing to see Christine’s kids gain even more siblings as they are very welcoming.

Are you excited to see them embracing the new sisters? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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