‘Today’ Al Roker Starts Screaming ‘No’ After Hospitalization

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Today host Al Roker has vowed to start screaming “no” to certain things. After a year of hospitalizations and health issues, there is no wonder as to why Al is done saying yes to everything. Keep reading to see what prompted his proclamation.

It’s Been A Rough Year For Al Roker

Al Roker has been missing from the set of Today multiple times since November 2022. The long-time host confirmed that he was hospitalized at the end of the year. He was being treated for serious blood clots.

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He updated fans about his health status in an Instagram post after viewers questioned his absence. “Last week, I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg, which sent some clots into my lungs,” he wrote.

Blood clots are not uncommon in cancer patients. Actually, they are four times more likely to develop blood clots than individuals without a cancer diagnosis. In 2020, Al was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery.

By Thanksgiving 2022, Al Roker was being discharged from the hospital, but there was still a long road to recovery ahead of him. Al was rushed back to the hospital one day after Thanksgiving due to complications with his condition.

Finally, he was able to return home on December 8, 2022. He missed the annual Rockafeller tree lighting that he normally attends alongside his fellow Today Show hosts. His absence was noted by fans.

It wasn’t until January 6, 2023, that Al Roker made his return to the daily show. Then, in May 2023, Al revealed that he underwent knee surgery on May 9. It really seems like he hasn’t been able to catch a break where his health is concerned.

Saying ‘No’ Is Al’s New Mantra

In a recent segment on Today, Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, and Al Roker all discussed the potential health benefits of saying “no.” Al led the segment, stating that being able to say no can help you avoid burnout and, ultimately, avoid more serious health issues long-term.

The doctor who accompanied the Today hosts on the segment said that saying “yes” to everything can put a lot of pressure on yourself and your body. It can lead to burnout and even impact relationships in your life.

Apparently, Al Roker has already adopted this mantra into his own life. Craig Melvin said that Al has been “preaching this service for years.” He continued, saying that Al always says that you should “start with ‘no.'”

Al Roker/YouTube, Today

Image: YouTube/TODAY

In the segment, the anchors talked about how to go about saying no. It can feel uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s important to look out for yourself too. You should take a moment to reflect and be ready for the other person to be disappointed. However, at the end of the day, you should always do what’s best for you.

Al Roker thinks that everyone should take notes from him when it comes to saying “no” and caring for yourself. What do you think about his mantra? Let us know in the comments!

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