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‘Today’ Al Roker Missing After Health Scare

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Al Roker went missing again. This comes after his health scare. Today Show fans expressed concern for the 68-year-old on social media. He’s been away from the morning show for almost a week.

This time around, Al didn’t share the reason behind his absence. During the third hour of Today, Dylan Dreyer filled in for his spot on the couch. The co-hosts gathered around to discuss the pop culture topics of the day. However, fans were more concerned about Al’s health and well-being. Read on to learn more.

Al Roker [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Today Show host contracted COVID-19

In late September, Al Roker shared an Instagram video about his health. He advised fans that he contracted COVID-19. It was a breakthrough case since he just got the booster. Al praised the vaccination for helping him with the symptoms, which were subtle.

Some Today fans assumed he was away on vacation. They have been getting sick of the constant rotation of hosts on the talk show. However, Al made it clear that he wasn’t taking another trip. In fact, he’s been quarantined in his house since his diagnosis.

Al Roker [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
“The reason I haven’t been part of the Hurricane Ian coverage is I tested positive for COVID,” Al Roker shared in his Instagram video. “It’s not because I’m on vacation or something else is wrong.”

Fans were looking forward to seeing Al cover Hurricane Ian. While most missed him, they were looking forward to his return to the Today Show. Al assured fans when he was expected to return back to work. He made his return in a big way and has had many bizarre segments since then.

Al’s latest disappearance has fans caused once again. They noticed that he’s been absent for much of the week. The concerns grew on Thursday morning. None of his co-hosts shared a reason as to why he was missing.

Fans concerned about Al Roker’s absence

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Today show, Dylan Dreyer sat in Al Roker’s place. She was joined by fellow co-hosts Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones. Earlier this month, Al took part in the Start Today Walking Challenge in Orlando, Florida. In a previous Instagram video, he shared that he may have to get surgery on his knee, which could be the reason for his disappearance.

He’s since gone quiet on social media. Al Roker hasn’t informed his fans if he was getting surgery. Fans expressed their concern for the meteorologist on Twitter. They wanted to get answers from the show.

  • “@TodayShow where’s @alroker? He’s the best person on the whole show.”
  • “Hey, @TheTodayShow, where is the 68th Sexiest Man in the World @alroker?”
  • “Where’s Al Roker?”
  • “Where’s Al? I hope he’s ok.”

What are your thoughts on Al Roker missing after his health scare? Do you miss him on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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    1. The booster he received recently may have caused those blood clots… thousands of clots in VAERS system in 2021 when vax was released…

  1. I really miss Al Riker. He knows a lot more than weather and shows it daily. I especially admire how he continued after Matt Lauer left. Hurry back Al

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