‘Magnum P.I.’ Season 5 Returns, The Final 10 Episodes?

Courtesy of NBC. Magnum and Higgins stand next to each other on Magnum P.I.

The high-octane Hawaiian crime drama is set to return next week for the start of the exciting second half of Season 5. But is this really the end?

When Magnum P.I. last left off, viewers were given a lot of information in a very short amount of time. The spring finale saw a hefty amount of action as bullets flew and tensions soared. T.C. (Stephen Hill) looked to be an early and tragic causality, only to be saved by a well-timed appearance from Shammy (Christopher Thorton). Meanwhile, Magnum (Jay Hernandez) and Higgins (Perdita Weeks) hoped to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. An explosive gunfight quickly ended their little siesta and put a stop to their wine tasting.

After some shocking twists and turns, the gang all managed to make it out in one piece. Well, at least most of them. With T.C. recovering from his injuries and Rick (Zachary Knighton) dealing with the aftermath of his abduction, there is still a lot to unpack. And now that Magnum and Higgins are officially an item, the stakes have certainly been raised. But according to the latest Season 5 trailer, viewers will not have a lot of time to catch their breath.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell of Season 5 is the fact that Higgins might be pregnant with Magnum’s child. By the end of the trailer, Higgins informs Magnum that she is late. While not conclusive, it seems like a mini-Magnum is in the future.

Will Season 5 Really Be The Final Season?

After the spring finale, fans were left to wonder about the show’s future. While awaiting official word from NBC, Magnum P.I. star Jay Hernandez took to social media to show his support for the fans.

But in late June, NBC announced that it would not be picking up another season of the show. NBC was put into a bit of a bind with the future of Magnum P.I. and its cast. On June 30, the options for the entire cast were up. NBC needed to either pick up a sixth season, extend the contract options on the cast, or end the show’s run. With the WGA and SAG strikes in full force at the time, NBC decided that the best course of action was to end the show with Season 5.

Despite the bad news, the show’s production team has not given up completely. When asked about the possibility of reviving Magnum P.I. in the future, executive producer John Davis teased the idea of unexplored territory within the show. “Do we have a lot of gas in the tank and a lot of geography we can still cover?” Davis asked himself. “Absolutely!”

A Little Deja Vu

If all of this seems a little too familiar, that’s because this isn’t the first time NBC has canceled Magnum P.I. In May 2022, the show was cancelled after Season 4. Licensing fees paid to the show’s original network (CBS) proved to be too costly for NBC. However, the show’s cancellation was relatively short-lived. A fan-led campaign to bring back the show perhaps became a little too much for executives to ignore. Just two months after NBC decided to pull the plug on Magnum P.I., the network announced that a fifth season was green-lit.

One year later, fans of the show are back in the same situation. A new petition has been made in the hopes of saving the show for a second time. There are many instances where cancelled shows have gotten new life and a second chance. Perhaps a third chance may be a little too much to ask for. But there’s a first time for everything.

Are you looking forward to Season 5? Will 10 episodes be enough to tie up the show’s loose ends? Let us know what you think down in the comments section.

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  1. Keep Magnum. You blew it with the original. This one has proven itself and more. Most TV shows are trash and not fit for general viewing. MPI is one of those that appeals to many as the fans have attested too.

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