‘90 Day Fiance’ Amanda Wilhelm’s Secret Sexy Job Revealed

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Amanda Wilhelm’s secret sexy job has been revealed. She seemed to struggle with the idea that her man, Razvan may get female attention through his job. Yet, this is now quite hypocritical given what she used to do to make a living. So, what exactly did she do? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance Amanda Wilhelm’s Secret Sexy Job Revealed

Amanda Wilhelm fell in love quite quickly after losing her husband, Jason to cancer. This caused a lot of drama on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Viewers felt that she had rushed into a relationship with Romanian hottie, Razvan but she defended this as much as she could. However, when she headed to see the model/actor/fitness guru, she was cold and fans were confused. It seemed that what she thought she was ready for, she really wasn’t. Plus, she missed her two children back in America. Yet, as time went on, Amanda and Razvan became intimate but she was also very toxic toward him.

Razvan, Amanda-90 Day Fiance-Instagram
Razvan, Amanda-90 Day Fiance-Instagram

It turned out she had quite a troubled past between her family struggles and personal ones. Now, even more about Amanda has come out. According to her Instagram, a fan asked her if she had really worked at Hooters as she was their favorite cast member. As it turns out, Amand Wilhelm had and she even shared a reel from her time at the chain. She can be seen wearing the traditional white tank top with ‘SAVANNAH’ on it (the location is always prominently displayed. Additionally, she had the signature orange micro shorts on in her snaps.

Fans and followers immediately responded to Amanda’s posting which she simply captioned: “🦉🧡🍗.” One wrote: “Make ya kids proud!😂” Another added: “Yeah. She’s religious like she says. Lol.” At the same time, a lot of the chatter turned to her behavior on the show and in part one of the tell-all. They could not believe how rude she was to both Razvan and her other cast mates which has been a common theme this season. 

Rude Girl

90 Day Fiance fans took this post as a chance to say how they really felt about Amanda Wilhelm and they did not hold back. “Why were you so rude walking in the room with the other cast members and not even say hello??” one asked. Someone else noted that she did not deserve Razvan while another said she was “disrespectful” and “hateful” to him. She may look innocent but clearly, she has a sexy past and a sharp tongue that has not gone unnoticed.

Are you shocked that Amanda worked at Hooters? More so, do you care for her attitude? Let us know and watch part two of the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days tell-all Sunday on TLC.

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