‘BIP’ Alum DeMario Jackson Ducks Sexual Assault Lawsuit?

DeMario Jackson/Credit: E News YouTube

Is BIP alum DeMario Jackson ducking a sexual assault lawsuit filed a year ago? Get the latest news on the legal case.

2017 Bachelor In Paradise Scandal

DeMario Jackson was involved in one of the biggest scandals to hit reality TV on Season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise. He was allegedly involved in a situation with Corinne Olympios that involved nonconsensual s*x acts while cameras were filming.

Production shut down while the show went through an investigation by ABC. There were rumors that the entire show was canceled. However, the investigation found no wrongdoing, and the show resumed filming without Jackson or Olympios.

DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube
DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

BIP returns for Season 9 on ABC on Sept. 28 at 9 PM. Following the Season 4 scandal, the show implemented drink limits for the contestants.

2022 Sexual Assault Allegations

Five years after the scandal that rocked Bachelor Nation, DeMario Jackson found himself again at the center of allegations of sexual misconduct. Two women, who chose to remain anonymous, filed a lawsuit against The Bachelorette alum in 2022 for sexual assault on separate occasions.

PEOPLE magazine at the time reported that Jane Doe 1 alleges that Jackson sexually assaulted her after their second date. Jane Doe 2 makes similar allegations against the reality star.

You can read the full allegations here.

DeMario Jackson denied the allegations, but he seemingly isn’t rushing to court to answer the lawsuit.

Is DeMario Jackson Ducking Lawsuit?

According to new reports, the Bachelor In Paradise alum is doing everything he can to avoid this lawsuit. Radar Online reported earlier this week that his accusers’ lawyer is having a hard time finding Jackson to serve the court papers.

DeMario Jackson, YouTube

The case can’t proceed without serving the papers. The outlet reveals that multiple attempts were made between November and December 2022 to serve the reality star.

One attempt had the process server “stake out” Jackson’s residence, but that was unsuccessful.

Another method used was “skip tracing,” which Radar Online defines as a “professional process used to trace someone who may be difficult to find.”

Now the lawyer of the alleged victims is trying a new tactic. They want permission from the judge to place an ad in the Los Angeles Times to notify DeMario Jackson of the lawsuit.

The judge has yet to rule on the latest attempt to serve DeMario Jackson with the lawsuit.

What do you think of DeMario Jackson possibly ducking out on the lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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