Savannah Chrisley Finds Shred Of Comfort Amid Tragic Loss

Savannah Chrisley - YouTube

Savannah Chrisley and her entire family are in mourning after the week came to a tragic end with the death of Nic Kerdiles at the age of 29. Sadly, Nic Kerdiles passed away from the injuries he sustained following a motorcycle accident. The accident happened a little after three in the morning on Saturday. Per TMZ, police reports note Nic Kerdiles was struck by a vehicle after running through a stop sign.

Savannah Chrisley — as well as her brothers Grayson, Kyle, and Chase — have all taken to social media to address the passing of Nic Kerdiles. Savannah and all of her brothers hoped they were all in the middle of a nightmare and would wake up soon. No one wanted to believe that Nic was actually gone.

Todd and Julie’s daughter has taken to her Instagram Stories once again. In addition to sharing a precious photo of Nic, she also opened up about how she’d found a shred of comfort amid this tragic loss. What was this shred of comfort? Keep reading for the details.

Nic Kerdiles and Savannah Chrisley - YouTube
Nic Kerdiles and Savannah Chrisley – YouTube

Savannah Chrisley Finds Shred Of Comfort Amid Tragic Loss

Resharing a photo someone else had posted of Nic as they mourned his passing, Savannah opened up about a memory she had of Nic. It was a memory from fairly early on in their relationship. A precious memory that would live in her heart and her mind forever. More importantly, she realized that this particular memory also gave her a shred of comfort to cling to as she mourned the passing of her dear friend and former fiance.

In her post, Savannah Chrisley noted that she recalled the very first time she took Nic Kerdiles with her to church. It warmed her heart to watch Nic Kerdiles as he found God. And, as he developed a relationship with God. In addition to cherishing that memory, she also takes comfort in it. She takes comfort in the fact that she knows Nic Kerdiles did have a relationship with God before he passed away. It allowed her to find some shred of comfort in the fact that he was gone.

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah Chrisley – Instagram

She Begged Him To Send Her A Sign

As those who have been following Savannah Chrisley on Instagram know, her first post about Nic’s passing was reaching out to him directly. She hoped for him to find a way to send her a sign that he was alright. Savannah didn’t know how he would do it, but she hoped he would find a way to let her know he was alright.

Do you understand why Savannah Chrisley is able to find some comfort in this memory of her and Nic Kerdiles? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more news on the Chrisley family.

Rest in peace, Nic Kerdiles.

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