Olivia Plath Reveals She’s Letting Go & Is OK With It

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In Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville, Olivia Plath finds a lot of hostility from the entire Plath family but might she be okay with that and just let it go? This week, she shared a long post on social media. Reading between the lines, she might be telling followers that she’s done the entire clan, including her husband.

Olivia Plath Takes So Much Heat But She Might Be Emotionally Okay

Barry and Kim hated the idea of Ethan’s wife right from the start of their marriage. Actually, some fans think it’s a miracle that they survived as long as they have. Even then, many people believe that their marriage came to an end. What helped that along was a social media post by one of her sisters, Sophia Meggs who said, “Olivia and Ethan are in the middle of a divorce.” Of course, she denied it. After all, the new season was coming along. Since then things got toxic.

Ethan’s dad, Barry made some horrid suggestions about his daughter-in-law. Additionally, Olivia Plath took a lot of heat from Moriah. Seemingly, there’s nothing like slipping the knife into the back of someone who helped you on your road to freedom. But wait! Moriah did find Jesus and got baptized, so maybe God will forgive her. From a new social media post, it seems that Ethan’s wife might just be okay with anything the family slings at her. Of course, that’s if she is still his wife.

Olivia Plath Hints A Split From Ethan And His Family?

Recently, the TLC star took to her Instagram and shared some lovely photos that she credited to  @janelleputrich. They showed her enjoying the summer in gentle grayscale colors. However, it was the caption that gave most of the details and it waxed on and on about the passing of summer. Taking out the fluff, she basically said that it was “the most peaceful summer of [her] life.” Next, she wrote about the passing of the seasons. Ethan’s wife said, “I know that deep inside me, it symbolizes my increasing comfortability in letting life play out just the way it needs to.”

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Olivia Plath also talked about how she used to get “panicked” when change came along. However, she’s much wiser now. So, she “can also peacefully let go of situations and people.” Here is something that might hint that she moved on everyone, including Ethan: “No one said you have to love or be ready for every transition in life.” At the very least, she hinted at a lot of changes going on.” Well, it turns out that she’s okay with that.

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TLC Fans React To Letting It Go Post

Most people who follow Olivia Plath on social media are fans and not snarkers. So, hardly anyone seemed to pick up the potential idea that she might have hinted at an exit from the Plath family. If the news arrives that they did get a divorce, no doubt, some fans with less suspicious minds will be shocked and amazed. Instead, many Welcome To Plathville fans just took it as a poetic sort of writeup about fall coming in.

One follower penned, “Beautifully written!!❤️” Then another one said, “How long before you will add Writer/Author to your long list of achievements?”

Do you think that Olivia Plath had a peaceful summer because they moved to Minnesota and the drama of Ethan’s family is far away? Or, did she have a nice summer because she walked away from the entire family including her husband? Perhaps she just liked the photos and enjoyed some summery memories ahead of the cold weather setting in. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Remember to come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Plath family.

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