Tristan Thompson Awarded Guardianship Of His Younger Brother

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It was about two weeks ago that news of Tristan Thompson petitioning the court for guardianship of his younger brother, Amari, first broke. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Amari is 17 years old and was under the care of their mother, Andrea, until she passed away. Despite fast approaching the age of 18, Tristan’s younger brother suffers from medical complications that prevent him from being able to care for himself.

In the wake of his mother’s death, Tristan Thompson wasted no time stepping in to provide his younger brother with everything he needed. He, however, has only recently started taking the necessary steps to make his role as Amari’s guardian legal.

According to TMZ, Tristan Thompson’s petition to the court was uncontested. And, he was granted temporary guardianship of his brother.

Tristan Thompson Awarded Guardianship Of His Younger Brother

During a court hearing yesterday, Tristan Thompson was officially awarded temporary guardianship of his younger brother. Moreover, there is another hearing scheduled in November to determine if the guardianship should be permanent.

According to TMZ, Tristan Thompson did not make an appearance during the hearing yesterday. His attorney, however, did speak on his behalf via Zoom.

Sadly, Amari’s father Trevor Douglas Thompson did not receive official notice of the hearing. TMZ notes the father receiving notice was impossible because no one even knew where he was. Given the media coverage of Tristan stepping in, most assume Trevor is well aware of what’s going on with his son. For the most part, no one was too surprised that Tristan was awarded guardianship of his brother as there did not appear to be another option.

As Tristan’s brother approaches the age of 18, conservatorship will also come up to the table for discussion. Presently, Amari is unable to take care of himself due to both physical and mental disabilities. It, however, sounds as if Tristan Thompson is willing to step in. And, that he will take whatever legal steps are necessary to protect and secure his brother.

The Internet Praises Him

Many have taken to social media to express they are in awe. In awe of Tristan Thompson stepping up to take care of his brother. Most acknowledge taking care of someone with medical difficulties such as Amari is no easy task. And, it has brought tears to a lot of eyes that Tristan did not even hesitate to step in to provide for his brother.

Does it break your heart that Amari’s father is nowhere to be found? Moreover, do you think it is sweet that Tristan stepped up to take care of his brother? How do you think getting guardianship of his brother will change things for Tristan? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates and news on your favorite celebrities.

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