‘LPBW’ Josiah Roloff Adorable In New Eyeglasses

LPBW - Tori Roloff Instagram - Josiah Roloff

LPBW (Little People, Big World) star Josiah Roloff is looking adorable in his new eyeglasses. His mama, Tori Roloff, shared a sweet photo of the one-year-old. Scroll down to take a look at his glasses and get all of the details about the accessory he’s rocking.

Until seeing the new photo of Josiah this week, fans hadn’t heard about the little guy getting glasses. As he showed off his cute look, Tori gave fans the full rundown.

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Josiah Roloff looks adorable in new eyeglasses.

On her Instagram Stories this week, Tori shared a new snap of Josiah with her father. They recently spent some time with her side of the family to celebrate her dad’s birthday. As she posted the photo, the TLC star said, “Happy birthday, daddy!”

In the photo, Josiah is sitting with his grandpa and wearing a pair of eyeglasses, though he doesn’t typically wear glasses.

In her post, Tori offered an explanation. She said, “No, Josiah didn’t get glasses. We were trying to make him look like grandpa.” She added a couple of laughing emojis to share her reaction to Josiah wearing glasses and resembling his grandpa.

In her post, Tori didn’t confirm that these glasses belonged to her daughter, Lilah. But since Lilah wears glasses and they appear to fit Josiah well, there’s a good chance they’re Lilah’s.

Below, you can see the precious new picture of Josiah Roloff in his big sister’s eyeglasses.

LPBW - Tori Roloff Instagram - Josiah Roloff
LPBW – Tori Roloff Instagram – Josiah Roloff

Why does LPBW star Lilah Roloff wear glasses?

Tori and Zach have been open about their three-year-old daughter, Lilah, needing to wear glasses. She doesn’t always wear them, but she is sometimes photographed with them on.

The LPBW star has strabismus, which means her eyes are misaligned. One may drift toward her nose or away from her nose, while the other stays focused on whatever she is looking at. Her parents previously explained that wearing glasses helps with this. She doesn’t really need glasses to see.

In a recent Instagram comment, Tori spilled more details. Tori wrote, “She doesn’t need her glasses to see. They just help them from going cross eyed. She’s come a long way though!”

So far, Tori hasn’t said anything about Josiah having strabismus or another eye condition, so he may not need glasses any time soon.

So, what do you think of LPBW star Josiah Roloff’s adorable eyeglasses? Do you think he’ll follow in his sister Lilah’s footsteps and get glasses of his own soon? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family.

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