Tori Roloff Reveals Surprising Reason Lilah Needs Eyeglasses

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LPBW fans know that Tori Roloff seemed a bit stressed about Lilah after her birth, and one of those problems involved her eyes, but now it seems surprising to hear why she needs eyeglasses. If you don’t know, the TLC kid was diagnosed when she was a baby as suffering from strabismus.

Tori Roloff Stressed About Lilah After Her Birth

Soon after Zach and his wife welcomed their second child, TLC fans saw her run to Amy Roloff in tears. For some reason, she feared that the little girl had hydrocephalus. Fortunately, it turned out that wasn’t the case. Mind you, it’s not that unusual with dwarfish children and is a condition where fluid in the brain can cause complications. However, it became obvious that other problems lay in store for the little girl because her eyes looked very crossed over.

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Tori Roloff seemed very distressed because what started off as a cute eyepatch became eyeglasses, and the future possibility of surgery. In fact, several seasons played out where the discussion of possible eye surgery came up in the conversation. As time went by, Lilah often went without wearing her eyeglasses and some people slapped Tori for not making sure she wore them.

Tori Roloff Surprises Fans About Lilah Wearing Eyeglasses

For all these years, TLC fans believed that the eyeglasses would help to correct the cross-eyed vision of the Little People, Big World starlet. After all, it seemed that her eye specialist started with the glasses and the eyepatch to help prevent the possibility of surgery. Well, it turns out that it isn’t as serious as people think. On Tuesday, her mom posted up a photo on Instagram of her daughter wearing a very cute brown and white dress. Notably, she wasn’t wearing her eyeglasses

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One fan who saw the photo said to Tori Roloff, “She is getting so big….so beautiful 😍.” They asked, “Does she not wear her glasses anymore?” Well, kids seem to be particularly hard on eyeglasses, and sometimes they end up broken or lost. At the moment, it’s the former, and her mom explained that they wait for another pair to arrive. But, Tori’s not at all stressed about it.

Doesn’t Need Eyeglasses ‘To See’

Tori Roloff told the Litle People, Big World fan, “She doesn’t need her glasses to see.” Then she explained, “They just help them from going cross eyed.” Next, she told the follower, “She’s come a long way though!”

Little People Big World Tori Roloff Instagram
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Actually, when she was younger, that cross-eyed condition was very evident, but it seems much better.  Perhaps, if Lilah keeps on wearing her eyeglasses, she might not need corrective surgery.

Did you know that Lilah didn’t need to wear glasses to see? Were you aware that all they did was stop the cross-eyed condition known as strabismus? Let us know in the comments below.

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