Caitlyn Jenner Reveals How Calculating Kim Kardashian Really Is

Caitlyn Jenner On Kim And Pete [Credit: BBC/YouTube]

A new docuseries directed by Katie Hindley and produced by Fremantle’s 72 Films in association with Sky Studios, will premiere on October 8. In light of this, the trailer has hit the Internet. Most notably, Caitlyn Jenner is featured in the clip with plenty of opinions. In effect, it looks a bit on the savage side.

The American Dream Redefined

The Kardashians are known for their wildly successful reality TV shows, but that isn’t all they are about. Behind the scenes, they operate an empire of businesses. Several of these generate billions in profit every year. Of course, Kris Jenner is involved in all of them. During their shows, they work to showcase their lives, businesses, successes, and struggles. Within their series, they show the family as the main strength they all depend on. They have opened their doors to the public by allowing cameras in almost every area of their world.

Conversely, unlike E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Hulu’s The Kardashians, the new docuseries is a wild animal. Mainly because the Kardashian-Jenners do not have any editorial control over the House of Kardashian series. In many ways that makes this series very unpredictable.


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Introducing The New House of Kardashian Series

While there are plenty of unknowns about this new docuseries, the trailer teases several bold topics. The trailer plays with tense music building in the background and several voices giving their opinions about The Kardashians. One woman said, “The Kardashian women are superior to rich men now.”

Additionally, in the three-part series, the trailer alludes to people being in “one camp or the other” when it comes to talking about The Kardashians. Elaborating that they either want to talk about The Kardashians or they believe, “They ruined the world!” Immediately the scene cuts to Caitlyn Jenner exclaiming, “Oh My God anyway here we go!”

Savage Claims By Caitlyn Jenner Within The Trailer

Caitlyn Jenner made some strong claims just in the short trailer that has been released. She quips that the family and her former stepdaughter Kim Kardashian were strategic about what it would take to become famous. Pointing to them getting there in any way necessary. “Kimberly calculated from the beginning, ‘How do I become famous?’” Caitlyn said. Furthermore, the trailer cuts to “Girls Gone Wild” founder and Kardashian family friend, Joe Francis, suggesting that Kim’s 2000s sex tape with her ex Ray J was “a means to an end.” Stating, “It was to create a controversy.”

Text rolls across the screen that states, “Told exclusively by those who know them.” Later it goes into that Kris Jenner wanted to be “more than just a housewife.” And when Caitlyn Jenner was asked what it was like working with Kris Jenner, she just raised her eyebrows, shook her head, and chuckled in response.

Caitlyn Jenner Offers Her Story

Caitlyn Jenner said, “I was happy to participate in the interview process to share my side which points to the strength, influence, and prowess my family has in captivating the world’s attention and keeping it over the years.” Notably, Caitlyn and Kris were married for 23 years. She continued by saying, “I am incredibly proud of all my children and stepchildren.”

The series seems very pointed and promises to be explosive about unveiling the less-known facts about The Kardashians.

What do you think about the new docuseries? Will you tune in to hear what else the series has to offer? Do you think Caitlyn Jenner’s statements are shown as she intended? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts on this.

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