Jill Duggar Exposes More Shocking Parent Rules

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Former Counting On star Jill Duggar Dillard is exposing more of her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle’s shocking rules. Thanks to her family’s TLC shows, fans know a lot about the strict guidelines their family follows. But now, the 32-year-old has even more to share. What did she reveal now?

The Duggar family follows many strict rules.

Duggar fans are aware of many of the family’s strict rules. The family belongs to the Institute in Basic Life Principles. They are expected to court instead of date, not kiss before marriage, and more. They also follow strict rules when it comes to modesty.

Over the years, some of the adult kids have stopped following these guidelines and started wearing clothes that wouldn’t typically be accepted by their parents. For example, Jill Duggar now wears shorts, jeans, and other somewhat revealing clothing. By society’s standards, this isn’t a big deal. But for the Duggars, it is. It turns out that this all goes much deeper than fans initially thought as Jill keeps spilling even more information about her family’s rules.

While fans knew that the kids couldn’t wear jeans or short skirts or dresses, many didn’t know the full extent of the rules. In her new book, Counting the Cost, Jill Duggar Dillard details some of the things her parents told her regarding the modesty rules.

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Jill Duggar exposes more of her parents’ rules.

In her book, Jill shared more details about her parents’ strict modesty rules. She revealed just how much pressure her parents put on her and her sisters to dress modestly and now show too much skin.

She said her mother previously told her: “When women wear tight or revealing clothes that show certain parts of their skin between their collarbone and knees, it gets guys going and can stir up sensual desires. It can make them think evil thoughts. When girls do that to men, they’re defrauding them. That’s not good, and it can lead them to sin.”

Jill’s book drops many more details about her family, their TLC shows, and more. So, there are many more big reveals to come. She discusses the little payment she received for her nearly 10 years on TLC.

Jill Duggar Dillard Instagram - Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar- YouTube
Jill Duggar Dillard Instagram – Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar- YouTube

So, what do you think of the latest details that Jill Duggar has revealed in her book about her parents? Does any of this shock you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar‘s family.

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