Chase Chrisley & Emmy Medders: Third Time’s A Charm?

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Third time’s a charm for Emmy Medders and Chase Chrisley?

As fans know, Chase and Emmy have had a very on-and-off relationship. Chase has admitted that he’s wanted to be in a relationship with Emmy for a long time. He, however, had to get to a place where he was ready for her. Furthermore, fans know the lovebirds broke up and got back together at least once prior to getting engaged. Unfortunately, the engagement ended up failing and Chase confirmed on Savannah’s podcast this week things are completely over between him and Emmy.

Seeing Emmy Medders as a young Julie Chrisley, however, many fans hold out hope. Could this couple reconcile their flame for a third time? Fortunately, Chrisley Knows Best fans won’t be left to fester with this question. Chase was happy to shed some light on whether there could still be a future for him and Emmy.

Chase Chrisley & Emmy Medders: Third Time’s A Charm?

Sitting down with his sister, Chase Chrisley admits both he and Emmy Medders had a lot of “sh*t” going on in their lives. He, however, clarified the difference was she decided not to stick around and endure his problems with him. Moreover, he adds there was a serious lack of disrespect on both sides of the relationship. For that reason, it really just didn’t work.

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Defending himself, he wanted it to be clear that he was not the only one at fault for this relationship ending. Without going into detail, he accuses Emmy of a lot of “dirty sh*t.” By the end of it, he reveals her “true colors” came to the surface. And, he’ll never be able to see past them.

So, unfortunately for fans hoping the relationship would rekindle, Chase refuses to give her another chance.

Not a chance in h*ll. That would never happen because I’ve seen too much. I’ve seen true colors. If [her family] needed me, I would be there for them. But if I don’t have to be there in a room with them, I’m not going to. She still did some dirty sh*t.”

Chase Chrisley added he had God to thank for seeing the things he couldn’t see and ultimately moving Emmy Medders out of his life. He admitted he would always have a love for her. Furthermore, he wasn’t interested in “sh*tting on her.” The flame between them, however, was out for good.

Were you holding out hope that Chase and Emmy would get married? Do you compare Emmy to a young Julie Chrisley? More importantly, what are your thoughts on Savannah and Chase painting a less-perfect picture of Emmy Medders? Was she not as get as she seemed on social media and on the show? Let us know your thoughts on Savannah’s podcast this week. And, keep coming back for more updates on your favorite reality TV families.

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