‘Below Deck Down Under’ João Franco Speaks On Adam’s Firing

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Below Deck Down Under fans and crew are shocked because Adam Lukasiewicz was fired and João Franco gave him a shoutout on social media. Second Officer João participated in the hearing with Captain Jason Chambers, who ultimately beached the popular deckhand.

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Had Other People Fired

Bravo fans already saw two people fired from the show in the second season. Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne were sent away after Luke went into the cabin of Margot Sisson. The unwanted intrusion ended up with Luke being fired. But when she heard that Captain Chambers also fired Adam, she wasn’t happy. You probably recall that Laura got involved and stood up for Luke. That led to Chief Stew Aesha Scott revealing Laura’s lack of boundaries with costar Adam Kodra. So she also left the vessel.

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Below Deck Down Under Captain Jason Chambers doesn’t seem to tolerate any sexual harassment from his crew. However, in Adam’s case, it had nothing to do with that sort of behavior. Actually, in Season 1, fans saw that the captain was quick to fire stew Magda Ziomek. And yet inexplicably, Chef Ryan McKeown got away with a lot of failings for a long time. The latest firing happened quickly and Adam was sent away for dropping anchor while the vessel was cruising and not stationary.

Below Deck Down Under João Franco Makes A Statement

In the show, Captain Chambers explained that basically, despite being a “good bloke,” the incident highlighted the fact that Adam was also too inexperienced to continue working on super yachts. He added, “We’re gonna let you go and we’re gonna bring in a lead deckhand. I just need someone with a lot more experience.” Footage revealed the rest of the crew got upset and tears flowed for Jaimee Neale and Margot Sisson. Meanwhile, Harry Van Vliet talked about being “gutted.”

Below Deck Down Under fans later saw that João Franco made a statement and it was shared on social media. He sat in on the hearing and E! News noted that Captain Jason Chambers let him speak. Obviously, he feels grateful for the opportunity as one day, he might need to deal with a similar situation. He said to Adam, “You held your own and took away only the positives of this!” He added, “Just incredible!” Additionally, he assured Adam that Captain Chambers took note of that.

Support For Captain Chambers

The Below Deck Down Under Second Officer, João Franco wrote, “Driving a boat is easy. The true challenge is being assertive while also trying to guide a team, all the while preserving the respect of the crew. In the end, he summed it up by saying, “Both Jaso and Adam did quite fine.”

What are your thoughts about the firing of Adam Lukasiewicz? Do you agree that safety comes first even though a person might be good at the job most of the time? Are you sorry to see Adam go? Will that stop you from watching the show?  Sound off in the comments below.

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