Below Deck Down Under: Why Did Magda Ziomek Get Fired? [Credit: Peacock]

‘Below Deck Down Under:’ Why Did Magda Ziomek Get Fired?

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On Thursday’s episode of Below Deck Down Under, stew Magda Ziomek gets fired. She’s had a difficult time with understanding her job for much of the season. The Polish model couldn’t stop putting down her phone. It distracted her from her work and racked up the yacht’s data plan.

However, she wasn’t the only one who was incompetent at her job. Deckhand Ben “Benny” Crawler struggled with the position. There were some tasks that he didn’t want to do and others that were difficult for him to grasp. He also didn’t like answering to authority in the form of boatswain Jamie Sayed.

However, when it came to answering Captain Jason Chambers, he had no problem. Benny explained it’s about the approach, not the leader themselves. He wanted to fit in with a group of people, which is why he joined the Below Deck Down Under crew.

There was also Chef Ryan McKeown, who talked back at the captain. At the start of the season, he quarreled with chief stew Aesha Scott and even made her cry. While he made a positive shift, he’s already back to his old ways. Yet, it’s Magda who’s on the chopping block.

Below Deck Down Under: Magda Ziomek [Credit: Peacock]
[Credit: Peacock]

Below Deck Down Under: Magda Ziomek gets her walking papers

(Warning: This article contains spoilers about Season 1, Episode 13 of Below Deck Down Under.)

Captain Jason is not happy with how little the Thalassa crew has come. Both the interior and exterior are struggling. Jamie’s disappointed two of his deckhands. Meanwhile, Aesha determined whether to fire Magda. She had problems with her since the start of the season.

The third stew insists on communicating with her boyfriend, Maciek, in the middle of work. She’s always on her phone, constantly texting him. Magda explains that she is trying to work on their relationship. The Polish couple has trust issues.

After a discussion with second stew Tumi Mhlongo, Aesha tells Captain Jason that it’s best if he lets Magda go. She would rather have an experienced stew on board than to have Magda bring the team down.

Below Deck Down Under Crew [Credit: Magda Ziomek/Instagram]
[Credit: Magda Ziomek/Instagram]
Captain Jason agrees with Aesha’s decision. He also notes that Magda hasn’t been doing as well as she could. The Below Deck Down Under chief stew explained her decision in her confessional interview.

“My responsibility lies to the guests, to the captain, to Tumi,” Aesha explained. “I don’t feel great, but being a leader, sometimes you do actually just have to make those tough decisions.”

Captain Jason calls Magda to the bridge. After speaking to her, he lets her go. Magda is confused at first. She doesn’t understand why she got fired. The blonde beauty thought her work was up to standards. Captain Jason explains it’s not at the same standards as “Tumi and Aesha’s level.”

Did Magda join a sailing yacht?

Magda has not shared an update about her career in yachting. It’s likely that she switched positions. On April 1, the Below Deck Down Under crew member shared a series of photos of herself cleaning a deck. She captioned the photos: “Y’all can call me #deckie bru. 🧽🪣🛥

Below Deck Down Under Magda On Deck [Credit: Magda Ziomek/Instagram]
[Credit: Magda Ziomek/Instagram]
One fan noted, “Is that on a sailing yacht?” Maybe Magda could make the switch over to Below Deck Sailing Yacht? The flirt would be the perfect match for first officer Gary King, who gets smitten by women. However, she never confirmed what yacht she was working on now.

What are your thoughts on Magda’s firing from Below Deck Down Under? Do you think she deserves it? Or, do you think it was too late in the season to fire her? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Down Under drop on Thursdays on Peacock.

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  1. She was never off the phone. She was told about the amount of data she was using and still she persisted. She was there longer than she should have been

    1. Totally agree… she didn’t know what a real job is… She should of watch the shows before… she can’t just sleep or take a nap when she wants… you can’t stay up all night talking on a phone… she should of had her phone taken away like seasons before…

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