Tristan Thompson’s Ex Takes Precautions To Ensure 40k Monthly

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Tristan Thompson has four children: Prince, True, Theo, and Tristan. These blessings come from three different mothers: Jordan Craig, Khloe Kardashian, and Maralee Nichols. This has posed issues keeping up with children and subsequently child support over the past few years. Recently, Tristan Thompson has experienced a decrease in his income. That has put a noticeable strain on living and child support obligations. However, ex-Jordan Craig has made it clear she expects Tristan Thompson to uphold his commitment of $40K a month in child support for Prince amid this income change.

Juggling Kiddos And Moms

Unsurprisingly, having four kids is hard to keep up with especially while having a career. Adding to the challenge, Tristan Thompson also has a balancing act to perform with the three baby mamas of those children. Unquestionably, heavy criticism has arisen that Tristan might favor Tatum over his other kids. Given that Tristan posted an incredibly heartfelt birthday post for his son Tatum, but didn’t do the same for Theo when it was his birthday. Onlookers have deemed this proof that there is a divide in attention. Tristan Thompson has been catching lots of flack over this instance of affection.


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The NBA Star Has Seen A Noticeable Income Decline

Recently, court documents from Prince Craig Thompson’s 2019 child support case have surfaced. While things have changed a bit in the years since then, Jordan Craig seeks to re-enforce the monthly payments. In reality, the amount of income that was reported in the court document for Tristan Thompson in 2019 has drastically declined when you look at present-day income. At that time, the Cleveland Cavaliers were providing him an annual salary of $17.7 million.  Since then, however, the picture has changed. In time, Tristan Thompson gained three more children by two different women. Subsequently, his annual salary dropped to $9.2 million.


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Tristan Thompson Is Expected To Pay $40K Per Month

It is no secret that Jordan Craig is eager to ensure a settlement is in place to secure child support for her son Prince Thompson. In this case, the expected monthly bill comes to the tune of $40K in child support. While there is no indication that Tristan Thompson has skipped any payments, there is a direct action to make sure it doesn’t happen. Reportedly, on August 9, Craig filed an ‘abstract of judgment’ in Los Angeles. In this situation, this is a document used to create a public record if the debt (child support payment) is not paid.

Do you think Jordan Craig is being reasonable with her expectations? Do you think the courts will honor the petition to keep the child support for Prince at $40K/month? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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