Topless Erika Jayne Let’s It All Hang Out, Fans Shocking Reactions

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Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne left Instagram doing a double-take after Interview Magazine posted photos of her from a recent photoshoot. Shockingly, the first of the three photos featured the Bravo personality topless and letting it all hang out.

Topless Erika Jayne Let’s It All Hang Out, Fans Shocking Reactions

Putting nearly every inch of her pale complexion from the waist up, Erika Jayne left little to the imagination in this topless snap. The photo was snapped from the side of the Bravo star with her body turned slightly so it faced partially toward the camera.

Erika Jayne had one arm pulled up over her chest to block part of her bust and her n*pples from being visible in the photo. Her arm, however, was pressing her breasts together allowing her to show off a generous amount of cleavage.

The Bravo personality had a bit of an innocent deer caught-in-the-headlights expression on her face as she looked at the camera. She had dark smoky cosmetics around her eyes and her light brown lips were pursed slightly giving a peek at her teeth.

Erika did pair her birthday suit with a pair of massive hoops in her ears. She also had several matching oversized bracelets that helped conceal some of her bare bust. Her gorgeous hair was parted to the side and pushed back so none of her hair shielded her beautiful face from the camera.


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She Wore Clothes In The Other Two Photos

Now, Erika Jayne was NOT topless in all three shots. The outfits in the second and third photos, however, were both all-black. Making the all-black outfits sing, the Bravo personality paired them with vibrant cherry-red nails.

In the second photo, she made it a point to highlight her razor-sharp nails. She planted one hand seductively on her hip with her vibrant nails standing out against the black bodysuit underneath. And, she held up her other hand in front of her body. It looked as if she was telling people to look at her nails or to watch out.

Check out the Instagram post containing the photos from this shoot down below:


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How Did Her Fans React?

In the comments, those who follow Interview Magazine believe the publication made a huge mistake. A mistake in selecting Erika Jayne as a model. And, they had nothing good to say about this choice.

  • “‘F*ck everybody’ says the ozempic sponsored corpse that has the stage presence of a discount retail mannequin.”
  • “love that her career is built on the $ of orphans and widows SO COOL GUYS”
  • “ozempic and corruption makes a come back”
  • “Horrible choice!!” 

Unfortunately, there really wasn’t any love for Erika Jayne or the magazine in the comments of this post.

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