‘Today’ Al Roker Provokes Volatile Reaction From Sweet Co-Host

Al Roker - Today - TODAY, YouTube

Today Show‘s Al Roker surprised audiences after he provoked a volatile reaction from one of his sweet co-hosts.

Al is known as the clown in the studio, always giving his colleagues a hard time. While usually his antics are good-natured and well-received by his co-workers, every now and then he seems to take things a step too far. This was the case this week after the meteorologist provoked a volatile reaction from one of his sweetest co-hosts. Read on to find out what Al did to push his colleague’s buttons.

Al Is Known For Pushing People, Sometimes Too Far

Everyone has a role in a workplace like The Today Show. For Al Roker, he’s both the meteorologist and the on-set prankster.

Al is constantly making wisecracks and poking good fun at his colleagues, both on the air and outside of work through social media. Usually, his co-workers take it well. But when he takes it too far, things can get a little awkward for viewers. One such incident occurred in July, between Al and co-host Craig Melvin. Al and Craig were interviewing a luxury travel writer together, and discussing Wisconsin, New Hampshire, New Orleans, and Louisiana, before turning to talk of destinations in the West.

Craig Melvin - The Today Show - TODAY, YouTube
Craig Melvin – The Today Show – TODAY, YouTube

The show’s video display matched up perfectly through the start of the segment. However, when it came time for the video to display an indoor water park at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, things went a little awry. The video cut instead to a person jet-skiing on a large body of water. An amused Al joked, “That’s a huge water park.” Craig immediately snapped, “Shut up.”

And on July 22, Al made a comment to co-host Dylan Dreyer on social media that had fans crying foul. During a family vacation, Dylan’s luggage went missing. She made a post about the disappointing turn of events, clearly upset.

Instead of offering sympathy, Al responded in the comments, “Oh wow.” He added, “We never check. Even when the kids were little.” He seemed to be suggesting that Dylan’s choices led to the distressing situation, and fans slammed him as “insensitive” for the comment.

Al Roker - Insensitive Comment - Instagram
Dylan Dreyer – Al Roker – The Today Show – Instagram

Today‘s Al Roker Provokes A Volatile Reaction From His Co-Host

It’s possible that Dylan Dreyer felt the same way as her fans because a more recent incident brought out the tensions again between herself and Al Roker.

Things turned quickly awkward this week when the show’s new entertainment correspondent, Chloe Melas, introduced her husband Brian to the crew. Dylan is married to the show’s producer, whose name is also Brian, and Al couldn’t help but make a joke about the situation.

He told Dylan, “You know what’s interesting? Your Brian and Chloe’s Brian, very much the same physique!”

Dylan is known for her sweet personality and unflappable demeanor. But the co-host, looking aggravated and visibly grinding her teeth, angrily threw a stack of papers across the desk at Al. The aggressive gesture forced co-hosts Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones to duck out of the danger zone.

Al found Dylan’s reaction amusing and laughed at her, while an uncomfortable Chloe tried to change the subject. But Dylan cut her efforts off and jokingly snarled at Al, “Did that paper cut you? I wanted that to paper-cut you!”

Later in the segment, a still-shocked Craig told viewers, “That was a Today Show first! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dylan throw something.” A laughing Dylan confirmed, “A stack of papers!”

Did you see Dylan Dreyer‘s intense reaction coming in response to Al Roker‘s joke? Do you think she was out of line, or it was a long time coming? Sound off in the comments. And catch Dylan, Al, and the Today Show crew every weekday morning on NBC.

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