‘Live’ Kelly Ripa’s Husband, Mark Is Finally Official

Kelly Ripa - Mark Consuelos - Live with Kelly and Mark, YouTube

Live host Kelly Ripa‘s husband Mark Consuelos is finally official.

Kelly herself has been at the helm of the show since 2001. Mark, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer. Although he has co-hosted with Kelly over the years, he didn’t join the show permanently until earlier this year. And now, Mark is finally getting official recognition after joining his wife at the Live desk on April 17. Read on to find out what’s changed with Kelly and Mark now that he is official.

Next Season Of Live With Kelly Thrills Fans

The last season of Live with Kelly was filled with big changes. Most notably, Kelly Ripa’s co-host Ryan Seacrest walked away from the show. Ryan explained that he was leaving the beloved morning show to spend more time focusing on his host duties at American Idol. Fans were saddened and concerned by his departure because he left behind big shoes to fill. However, they had no reason to worry. Ryan was quickly replaced by Kelly’s husband, and occasional temporary co-host, Mark Consuelos.

Kelly Ripa - Mark Consuelos - Live with Kelly and Mark, YouTube
Kelly Ripa – Mark Consuelos – Live with Kelly and Mark, YouTube

Kelly and Mark’s chemistry on the show is inarguably popular with fans. They share a playful camaraderie that carries over well to their on-stage interactions, and fans have enjoyed seeing them together on stage. With the conclusion of his first season as Kelly’s co-host, Mark has been openly excited about the arrival of the next season which will kick off on September 5th.

Fans have flooded online comments with their excitement about the upcoming season. Several people commented that they were done with and “over” reruns. Others gushed about the fact that they’re excited about next season‘s arrival. But whether they’re happier about letting go of the old or bringing in the new, everyone seems to agree that it’s past time for the next season to start.

Live Host Kelly Ripa’s Husband Mark Consuelos Is Finally Official

And as the new season approaches, producers have decided to make things official for Mark Consuelos.

Instead of the former Live with Kelly and Ryan logo, the show’s logo now reads, “Live, Kelly & Mark”. The change has been reflected across the show’s multiple social media outlets. It’s an exciting milestone for Mark’s time with the show, as he is now the official second host.

With Mark squarely at the helm with Kelly, the Live universe can focus on what comes next. In a recent exclusive interview with Purist, Kelly explained, “We’re going to provide the same sort of humor and irreverence that people have come to know and love.” And when the co-hosts revealed over the summer that they had filmed the opener for next season, Mark playfully shared hints of what’s to come. He bragged, “We’ve got drones, we have glam bots, we have green screens, we had a 360-degree camera.”

And they officially have Mark, too.

Are you thrilled that Mark Consuelos is now the official co-host for Kelly Ripa? Who would you rather see take the desk at Live with Kelly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And catch Live with Kelly and Mark every weekday morning on ABC, with the new season kicking off September 5th.

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