‘BIP’ Alum Ashley Iaconetti Admits Facing Gender Disappointment

Ashley Iaconetti via instagram

Bachelor in Paradise alum Ashley Iaconetti is opening up and talking about how she faced gender disappointment while pregnant. Ashley and Jared Haibon welcomed their son Dawson in January 2022. Keep reading to find out what she had to say about not being very excited to be having a boy. Is she worried about the same thing happening with baby number two?

Ashley Iaconetti talks gender disappointment

On one of the latest episodes of the Almost Famous podcast with Ben Higgins, Ashley Iaconneti opened up about facing gender disappointment during her first pregnancy.

The moment Ashley and Jared found out they were having a baby boy, Ashley admits she was very disappointed. She said, “I had such gender disappointment with Dawson.” She had a gut feeling that she was not having a little girl but was still disappointed when they got the news.

Why did she feel this way? Ashley said, “For me, it was like I’m not going to have that sister-sister bond. That was really sad for me. It didn’t last very long.”

Ashley and Dawson via Insta

How does she feel about baby number two? She doesn’t care about gender so much anymore. In fact, Ashley says she won’t be disappointed if baby number two is a little boy. If it is then he and Dawson will hopefully have a strong brotherly bond.

Now that she and Jared have Dawson they cannot imagine life without him. Ashley said, “He’s, like, the most beautiful child ever. I mean, maybe, I’m biased, but holy crap, I got a cute kid. And he’s sparkling on the inside too. He’s quite the personality.”

Ashley and Dawson via INsta 2

When will they try for baby number two?

Ashley has shared that she and Jared will be trying for baby number two very soon. She recently admitted that she just went off birth control. Of course, she also said they are just lightly trying for now. If it happens it happens. She definitely wanted to wait until summer was over to try for baby number two in case she got really sick again.

She is just a little nervous about being pregnant again because she was so sick with Dawson. Nausea lasted her entire pregnancy. She shared the journey with fans and many felt incredibly sorry for her having such a rough time.

Jared Ashley and Dawson egg hunting via Insta

What do you think about Ashley experiencing gender disappointment? Have you ever experienced it?

Stay tuned for more updates on Ashley and Jared. Perhaps a baby announcement will be coming in the next few months.

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