‘GMA’ Michael Strahan, 51, Missing In Action, Another Job?

Michael Strahan - Good Morning America - The View, YouTube

Good Morning America host Michael Strahan has been missing in action, so what happened?

The charismatic former NFL star has been absent frequently throughout the summer. This has led fans to chatter online about his possible departure from the show and plans for a new career. With Michael missing in action, what happened to him? Read on to find out what we know about the popular host’s absences.

Michael’s Absences Spark Concerns

It’s not uncommon for talk show hosts to take breaks during the summer. After all, it’s a year-round gig with unnaturally early work hours and the stress of daily public pressure.

So during the summer, hosts tend to rotate, taking time off to vacation with their families. Kids are off from school. Spouses often take vacation time, so it all makes sense. But co-host Michael Strahan has been absent more than most. During the summer, his glaring absences have been noted by fans who have worried that he’s planning a big career move away from GMA.

During one particular stretch of absences, fans worried that Michael was sick. But then, he was photographed catching lunch in downtown New York City at a popular Greek restaurant. And he certainly looked well enough as headlines celebrated his bulging muscles. So fans were back to square one, wondering why the former NFL player had been gone so often. Adding to the mystery, while he’s been absent from the studio, he has been publicly involved with one other job, which raises even more questions.

GMA‘s Michael Strahan Is Absent A lot, What’s Going On?

This week, for instance, Michael Strahan made his usual appearance for his hosting gig on $100,000 Pyramid. The show airs on ABC on Sunday nights, and Michael has been appearing on that show without interruption.

Over the weekend, Michael made his normal Sunday appearance on $100,000 Pyramid and posted on social media promoting the show. But on Monday morning, Michael was MIA from the GMA studio. Notably, he’s not the only one absent this week. His good friend Robin Roberts is also out of the studio this week after she spent the weekend celebrating her bachelorette party for her upcoming nuptials to Amber Laign.

Was Michael’s absence related to Robin’s wild yacht-bound bachelorette party? Or is he missing yet again for another unfathomable reason? At this time, it’s unclear why Michael has been missing so much time from GMA. Fan concerns have gone unanswered, and it’s not clear what his future with the show will be. For now, however, Michael is giving no signs that he plans to leave the popular morning talk show. And even if he does leave GMA, one thing is for sure; he plans to stick around with the $100,000 Pyramid. So whatever happens, he won’t be gone from the televisions of loyal fans any time soon.

Why do you think Michael Strahan has missed so much work this summer? Will he stick around with GMA or embark on a new professional journey? Sound off in the comments. And catch the GMA crew every weekday morning on ABC.

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