‘Today’ Carson Daly Out, Replaced By Fan Favorite

Today - Carson Daly - YouTube

Today host Carson Daly is out and has been replaced by a fan-favorite. He’s missed the show a couple of times recently, sparking concern among fans and prompting his colleagues to take over his seat. Where has the 50-year-old gone off to? And who replaced him while he was out? Keep reading for all of the details about his unexpected absence.

Carson Daly misses a couple of days of work.

As we reported, Carson was out earlier in the week last week. As viewers know, the “PopStart” segment is usually Carson’s time to shine. He typically handles this segment, and fans are used to seeing his face on the show.

On Monday, however, fan-favorite Sheinelle Jones filled in for him. While fans wondered about Carson’s absence, many were happy to see Sheinelle take on another role on the show, even if it was temporary.

Today - Carson Daly - YouTube
Today – Carson Daly – YouTube

The Today host is out again and replaced by another fan-favorite.

Now, as Carson takes even more time off, he’s being replaced by someone else. On Friday, Sheinelle gave up Carson’s seat and let Dylan Dreyer fill in for a change. She successfully managed the “PopStart” segment so her colleagues Carson and Sheinelle could step away from this responsibility.

Luckily, Dylan is another fan favorite, so viewers won’t complain too much about Carson being gone again. It’s unclear if she will continue filling in for him if his absence persists or if Sheinelle might take over again.

Below, you can check out a clip of Dylan rocking the “PopStart” segment on Friday.

When will Carson Daly return to Today?

So far, neither NBC nor Carson’s co-hosts have said anything about his return to the morning talk show. Carson also hasn’t offered insight into his absence. He hasn’t posted on social media in over two weeks, so there are no hints there.

If it was something serious, it’s likely that fans would have heard about it by now. Maybe he just needed to take it easy for a few days. Plus, if there were any casting shake-ups, Today likely would have informed fans rather than making major changes without warning.

Hopefully, all is well with Carson and he will make his return very soon. With a new week ahead, it’s possible he will be back shortly. While fans miss him, they understand he needs a break at times and don’t mind Dylan getting a little extra time on the air.

So, what do you think is going on with Carson Daly being absent from Today for a week now? Do you enjoy seeing Dylan Dreyer in his place? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite talk shows and hosts.

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