James Duggar Fuels Girlfriend Rumors, See How

James Duggar Instagram

Former Counting On star James Duggar is fueling the girlfriend rumors with a new video. He shared a recent highlight reel with his followers, giving everyone a peek at what he’s been up to. In the process, he seemingly dropped hints about a potential love interest. What’s going on with James? Keep reading for all of the details.

What’s going on with the Duggar family’s big life announcements?

For the past several months, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been pretty quiet. They used to announce everything from courtships to pregnancies. But fans seldom get big updates from them anymore. This is likely due to Josh Duggar’s arrest, as well as the release of Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. 

Fans have speculated about James Duggar possibly being in a relationship. And now, he’s ramping things up with another interesting video.

Counting On Jason James Instagram
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James Duggar heads out of the country on his own.

On his Instagram page, James has been documenting his travels. He’s been all over the world throughout the past several months. Fans often wonder how he can afford to travel to these expensive destinations.

Most recently, he’s enjoyed some time in Victoria, Australia. While fans are amazed by the beautiful sights, others are noticing other details.

James Duggar fuels the girlfriend rumors with a new video.

On his Instagram Stories, James reposted a photo from the hot springs. The snap was originally shared by a woman named Esther. Then, later, she popped up on his Instagram page again.

James Duggar Instagram
James Duggar Instagram

In his post, James did tag two of the three mysterious women, as well as his male friend who appeared in the video too. The two women are Esther and Sarah Lim. Their brother, Joseph Lim, was also tagged in James’ post.

Naturally, after a few mysterious ladies showed up in James’ new video, fans started speculating about who they could be and whether James is dating them. But as of now, it’s unclear what the truth is.

Below, you can watch the video, including some of the highlights from James Duggar’s trip.


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As of now, it’s unclear whether they’re dating or just friends. With the Duggar family’s social media silence, it’s unclear if they will announce courtships and other big announcements. Hopefully, more details come out soon.

So, do you think that one of these ladies could be James Duggar’s rumored girlfriend? Or do you feel that they’re nothing more than friends? Do you think he will make an official announcement if he is dating someone? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggars.

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