‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Halterman Shares Her Therapy With Fans

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Amy Halterman of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters took to TikTok just two hours ago to share her therapy with her 313,600 followers. The video was a slideshow showing off what her therapy looked like. And, the video had music with concerning lyrics attached. What kind of therapy did she share with her followers? Scroll down to check out the video.

Amy Halterman Introduces Art Therapy: What Is It?

Just two hours ago, Amy Halterman shared a collection of artwork via a slideshow on her TikTok. Turns out, this was more than just artwork. This was her “art therapy.” The slideshow contained an assortment of glow-in-the-dark moons. It was attached to a song with lyrics that said, “Somedays I feel like everyone hates me.” 

According to Psychology.org, the purpose of art therapy is to encourage “self-expression.” Through art therapy, Amy Halterman is encouraged to express herself through art with the hopes of releasing thoughts and feelings.

Amy Halterman and Gage Halterman from 1000-Lb. Sisters, TLC Sourced from YouTube
Amy Halterman and Gage Halterman from 1000-Lb. Sisters, TLC
Sourced from YouTube

As fans know, Amy Halterman is currently going through a divorce with her husband Michael. Likewise, her brother-in-law, Caleb Willingham, passed away recently. She has reportedly had to fight her husband for custody of their children. And, there’s chatter that her sister Tammy Slaton is gearing up to leave Amy in the dust as she drops even more weight.

Seeing recent photos of Amy, fans have been more than a little concerned she isn’t keeping up with her diet properly. Likewise, there has been chatter from inside sources that Amy does not follow her diet as seriously as her sister.

With all of the hardships going on in her life, fans are relieved to know Amy Halterman has turned to therapy to get some help with expressing herself. After all, fans worry that TLC exploiting the end of Amy’s marriage and Caleb’s funeral could be doing a lot of emotional damage to both Amy and Tammy.

Here is the video she shared on her TikTok:

Her Post Wasn’t Met With A Lot Of Love

Her video has yet to accumulate very many comments from her followers. But, some of the comments she has accumulated were not very kind. In one comment, one fan questioned if moons were the only thing she knew how to draw.

The TikTok troll, however, was attacked by someone supporting Amy. The attacker asked why it mattered to them if she only drew moons.

@amyhalterman87♬ Sweet Transvestite – Tim Curry

Amy Halterman Keeps Active On TikTok

For 1000-Lb. Sisters fans looking to keep updated on Amy Halterman, TikTok is the place to do it. Just two days ago, she uploaded a dark video of herself from inside of a video enjoying a TikTok filter. She actually uploaded three different videos using various filters that day.

@amyhalterman87♬ Take Me To Hell – Chloe Adams

Do you follow Amy Halterman on TikTok? If so, what do you think of her latest video? Additionally, have you ever tried art therapy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and remember to keep coming back for more TLC news.

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