Why Isn’t ‘Doubling Down With The Derricos’ On Tonight?

Doubling Down With the Derricos - YouTube

Why isn’t a new episode of TLC’s Doubling Down With the Derricos airing tonight, Tuesday, August 15? Fans have enjoyed watching the Derrico family on TV on Tuesdays, but unfortunately, there’s not another episode on tonight. Keep reading to find out why the show isn’t on tonight. Plus, find out what the future holds for DDWTD.

Doubling Down With the Derricos Season 4 kicked off on May 30, 2023. Throughout this season, fans have had a chance to get to know Karen, Deon, and their fun family even better. This season was an exciting one with a new member joining the family, big health updates for GG, and so much more. But the story doesn’t continue with another episode this week.

Why isn’t Doubling Down With the Derricos on tonight?

Unfortunately, a new episode doesn’t air tonight because last week was the finaleDDWTD Season 4 wrapped up on Tuesday, August 8. In the final episode of the season, fans had a chance to see the Derrico family bust a move together. They chatted about all of the ways dance brings them closer together. Also in the episode, GG got a big update on her cancer battle. And sadly, the Derrico family’s special guest couldn’t make it to town to celebrate the holidays.

If you’d like to rewatch any of the episodes from the first four seasons, you can find them on-demand on discovery+ now. The newest episodes were only added to the streaming service’s library near the end of Season 4.

Doubling Down With the Derricos - TLC - YouTube
Doubling Down With the Derricos – TLC – YouTube

Is the series renewed for another season?

At this point, it’s unclear whether Doubling Down With the Derricos will come back for a fifth season. TLC hasn’t announced a renewal, but fortunately, they have not said they are canceling the series either.

Fans are impatiently waiting to hear about a new season. With so much going on in the Derrico family’s lives, there’s certainly plenty of content to fill another season. The kids are continuing to grow and develop their own hobbies and interests. There are plenty more ups and downs for Karen and Deon to navigate as busy parents and entrepreneurs.

Sometimes, TLC only announces renewals about a month before the new season premieres. There are a lot of details behind the scenes when it comes to contracts, filming, scheduling, and production.

So, are you sad to learn that Doubling Down With the Derricos isn’t on TLC tonight? Do you think it will come back, or do you think it’ll be canceled for good? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Derrico family. Hopefully, we’ll have an update about a possible cancelation or renewal very soon.

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  1. Hope they come back soon. Nice to see a show that a family can watch. Some of shows TLC produces are not for families and wish they would take of air, but always have choice to not watch.

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