‘WCTH’: Kayla Wallace Shares Kevin McGarry Wedding Update

WCTH Photo: Kevin McGarry, Kayla Wallace Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Albert Camicioli

Real-life Hallmark couple Kayla Wallace and Kevin McGarry met on the set of WCTH. Now, they are engaged to be married. What has Kayla shared about their upcoming nuptials?

Here is the latest information that Hearties will want to know.

What Are WCTH Couple Kayla Wallace And Kevin McGarry’s Wedding Plans?

Just before Christmas, WCTH stars Kayla Wallace and Kevin McGarry announced that they are engaged. It has been eight months since that announcement. What do we know about their wedding plans? In the recent Not a Facebook Live interview, which was done before the SAG-AFTRA strike, ET’s Deidre Behar asked Kayla what it felt like to be a fiancée.

Kayla Wallace glowed as she said, “It is somehow more magical than before. And that magical day that happened in November.” This was a big revelation, as the couple shared their engagement news on social media in late December. They likely told family and friends first after their November New York City engagement.

Currently, she revealed that she and Kevin are just basking in the glow of being an engaged couple. Kayla revealed, “We’re just so happy ad we’re just enjoying this time right now together.”

WCTH Kayla Wallace, Kevin McGarry - Instagram
WCTH Kayla Wallace, Kevin McGarry – Instagram

Kayla Wallace Has A Wedding Dress

The WCTH star was asked about her wedding “vision.” Did Kayla know what they wanted their wedding to be like? Kayla Wallace confirmed, “I definitely have a vision.” In addition, they are planning. While she did not offer any details about a wedding theme and colors, what type of cake they want to serve, or about the flowers, she did share that she purchased the most important item for her big day. She bought a wedding dress.

Hopefully, the very private couple will share some photographs from their big day. Then, Hearties can see what her dress looks like, and what the groom is wearing as well.

WCTH engagement ring - Instagram
WCTH engagement ring – Instagram

WCTH Couple Has Not Picked A Date Yet

Although Kayla and Kevin have been engaged since November, they have not yet set a date. The Feeling Butterflies star revealed that scheduling conflicts have been the reason for the delay. But, Kayla did reveal that the wedding would be in “the near future.”

Currently, the loved-up couple are filming When Calls The Heart Season 11. This production will last through mid-November. Although there is a Hollywood actor strike, they got special permission to film this Canadian series. Very few productions were granted this SAG-AFTRA permission. It is likely because this is a mostly Canadian cast, and filmed in Vancouver, BC. While ACTRA supports the American actors, they are not striking in solidarity. Therefore, many independent productions have received permission to make their small films or series.

WCTH Kayla Wallace, Kevin McGarry, Ben Rosenbaum, Erin Krakow- Instagram
WCTH Kayla Wallace, Kevin McGarry, Ben Rosenbaum, Erin Krakow- Instagram

Hearties, what sort of wedding do you think WCTH stars Kayla Wallace and Kevin McGarry should have?

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