Ana Navarro Announces It’s Their Last Week Filming ‘The View’

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Ana Navarro took to Instagram yesterday to tell her 731K Instagram followers the ladies of The View were in the final stretch of filming episode for Season 26. What exactly did she have to say in her update about the last week of filming? Do fans know yet if there will be a Season 27 of the talk show? Keep reading for the details.

Ana Navarro Announces It’s Their Last Week Filming The View

Ana Navarro shared an adorable photo of herself snuggled up with her furbaby as she said hello to New York City. She explained that the final stretch was here. They were officially wrapping up filming new episodes of The View. Now, this wasn’t a cancelation announcement or anything. Ana was simply reminding her followers that they were filming the final week of new episodes for Season 26. Then, the series would go on a bit of a hiatus until Season 27 kicked off.

Here’s exactly what she said in her announcement: “Hello NYC. We’re here for the last week of @theviewabc’s Season 26, before August hiatus. Let’s get this party started!”

Fortunately, Ana Navarro was kind enough to make sure her followers knew there was no cause for concern. This was just a “brief hiatus” in filming. Fans could take this little piece of information to mean the talk show would return for Season 27.

Check out what she shared on her Instagram below:


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The View Fans React To Disappointing News

As those who watch the talk show know, there was a bit of a break in new episodes during the month of July already. So, fans are pretty disappointed to learn they will have to experience another break in new episodes.

Ana, however, did have many fans who pointed out the team did an incredible job of continuing to push forward without having a team of writers because of the ongoing strike. Likewise, fans hoped the ladies of The View would enjoy the small break from work. Moreover, many admitted they hope Ana appears in all of the final episodes this week.

One fan penned: “I have to say, considering not having writers for the show this last month, all the ladies have done a great job! Can’t wait for season 27 in September!”

“Ugh. Always hate the hiatus! It’s been a great season though!” A second fan groaned.


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A third complained: “I don’t like it when you guys are on vacation ? What am I going to watch ?”

Did you know this was the last week of filming new episodes of The View? Do you think the ladies of the talk show are looking forward to taking a break from filming? Are you going to be missing new episodes of The View while the show goes on a brief hiatus? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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