‘RHONJ’ Joe Gorga Reveals Heartbreaking Truth About Marriage

Joe and Melissa Gorga-Instagram

RHONJ star Joe Gorga is revealing the heartbreaking truth about his marriage to Melissa Gorga. Yes, the couple has always claimed that their marriage is just fine. However, now new information has come out that may change the narrative that they have been projecting for several years. Rumors have flown about Melissa’s infidelity yet they have taken them on as a team. So, what could have possibly gone wrong? Read on for more details.

RHONJ Joe Gorga Reveals Heartbreaking Truth About Marriage

During Season 13 of RHONJ, it was alleged that Joe Gorga’s niece, Gia Giudice said that he could do better than Melissa. Yet, when it came to the reunion, Gia vehemently denied that she said those exact words. There has been a long-standing battle between Melissa and Joe’s sister, Teresa Giudice. Though they had a short reprieve when Teresa was released from prison, her zen and forgiving nature did not last long. They went head to head, especially hardcore at the reunion, talking over one another and it was really sad. Did Teresa want to attack Melissa or just speak to Joe?

Teresa Giudice [Teresa Giudice | Instagram]
Though Melissa and Joe Gorga have stood firm in their nearly two-decade marriage, many things have since come to disturb it. This includes lawsuits and money owed which makes their character come into question. How can anyone believe what they are saying when they are being sued left and right? Now, it seems that everything in their lives has taken a drastic toll on their once-happy marriage. According to The Sun, Joe is not happy in his marriage and he is open about this.

Melissa and Joe Gorga-Instagram
Melissa and Joe Gorga-Instagram

He was on Melissa’s On Display podcast where they chatted about kids leaving home and people getting divorced later in life. She believed no one is to blame when those marriages fall apart whereas Joe disputed this. Furthermore, he said he felt that his job was to make Melissa happy so she noted that he would never be happy. Joe fired back: “I might not be. I’m not happy. You think I’m happy?” He revealed all that he has done around their home but his wife maintained that he was happy.

Is He Happy?

Aside from a few things here and there, Joe Gorga did admit that he is mostly happy. Currently, the duo is enjoying a lavish couple’s vacation in Italy where they are taking lovey-dovey photos of their time away. Still, it seems that there is work to be done to get them on the same page. It also appears that Melissa Gorga does not want anyone to see any cracks within their marriage which are perfectly normal. Maybe this Italy trip is just what they needed.

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  1. Listen l don’t live with the gorgas, but l do think they r happy in their marriage, l also have to say what is going on with his sister probably is not helping ,l do think Joe is having a hard time with that situation because they r still blood,, as far as the law suits who’s to say who is wrong or right, he has alot going on, he shows his emotions, l think Melissa levels him out, l do believe that that all this nonsense with the wedding would have been good if teresa would of asked her sister-in-law to stand up for the wedding, so l felt sorry for Melissa, imagine what he felt.

  2. Melissa has been nothing but a drama queen. She made a whole thing about not being in the wedding, even after Teresa had asked her twice and she refused. She then fuelled it my making herself look like the injured party and how Joe should disown his sister, all over a lie and Teresa inviting who she wanted to her own wedding. She’s a liar and grade a manipulater.

  3. People change when their life is on display. Melissa forever wants to be in that airhead sister-in-law shoes which she will never be. Save your marriage Melissa and get off TV.

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