‘Vanderpump Rules’ Will Lala Kent Be New ‘AGT’ Judge?

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Will Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent be the new AGT judge? This is a hot topic that just came up on Wednesday, July 19th and it looks like it could very well happen. So, how did this idea manifest and who is going to make it happen? Read on for all of the details on her possible move to the reality competition show.

Vanderpump Rules Will Lala Kent Be New AGT Judge?

The cast of Vanderpump Rules was not too thrilled with AGT judge Howie Mandel a few months back. He did an interview with Tom Sandoval in the heat of ‘Scandoval.’ The problem was that Mandel knew nothing about the scandal or the hit Bravo show it stemmed from. Plus, he went very easy on Sandoval as part of an agreement since they have friends in common. It left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth with Bravo exec Andy Cohen making Mandel the ‘Jackhole of the Day’ on WWHL.

Howie Mandel-YouTube
Howie Mandel-YouTube

Eventually, Howie and Andy made up. Then, Pump Rules star Lala Kent decided that she wanted to get into the mind of Howie Mandel. Therefore, she had him on her podcast, Give Them Lala. They talked about a lot of things and whether or not he watched the Pump Rules reunion. Then, they started talking about AGT. Kent has had a singing career in the past and she asked if she would do well on the show. Mandel joked that they needed more red buzzers which she would be fine with as she only cares about attention.

Then, Lala Kent inquired about being a guest judge on the show. According to The Sun, Howie was more than in favor of her being on the show in that capacity. “You would be a good guest judge. I should talk to them,” Howie shared. Lala proceeded to clarify this: “Would you talk to them? Because I would die to do that. And I can get very commercial.” Though she is known to have a foul mouth, she admitted that she can dial it back. He said, for his part, he would speak to them.

Making Amends?

Despite the cast and Andy Cohen going in on Howie Mandel for the Tom Sandoval interview, the show must go on. Currently, most of the Vanderpump Rules crew is in Lake Tahoe to support Lisa Vanderpump’s latest venture. This includes Lala Kent, Scheana Shay, Tom Schwartz, James Kennedy, and Tom Sandoval. Though they have been spotted out together, it is being made well-known that all is not fine in paradise. This group still has a lot of healing to do and it will take more than a Tahoe trip. Luckily, Lala’s interview with Mandel may have landed her a new gig.

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