Lala Kent Lashes Out, Over ‘Mom Shaming’

Lala Kent

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent recently let fans know that their hateful comments are not welcome on her Instagram page. Viewers know that Lala is very confident with herself and that is something many admire about her, however, others have a negative view on the matter. Lala does not let any mom-shaming slide and makes it known on her Instagram story.

Lala Kent Crushes Being A Single Mom

The Bravo star shares her daughter Ocean with her ex Randall Emmett. The two split in October of 2021 after Randall supposedly cheated on Lala. Ever since the divorce, Kent has been a single mom to her daughter and has done a pretty good job at it. Randall Emmett got in serious trouble when it was released, he exchanged acting roles for sex. This was a shock for viewers as they thought the couple was going strong and great parents to their little girl. Emmett even has a documentary on Hulu about his scandalous lifestyle.


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Lala Shows Off Her Body In Swimsuit

On the 4th of July, Lala Kent showed off her butt in an Instagram post. Some viewers were not very fond of the fact she posted it with the caption “Mom’s turn”. Some decided that Lala was not a good mom for posting a simple picture she felt confident in. Kent made her feelings about the situation very clear in her story.

“I’m so over the mom shaming from some of you women. I’m a parent, work full time, rarely have one moment for just me, and for just one second on the 4th of July I felt hot and wanted a picture, anything but praise is unwelcome. If you have anything negative to say, go f–ck yourself. Leave me alone. The kids weren’t watching me take this picture. And even if they were, we all have butts. Take time to love on yours.”

Lala Kent has never been one to cover up because people think she should, so regardless of the amount of hate she gets, it will probably never make her change what she is doing. Page Six spotted fans coming to Kent’s defense by commenting things like:

 “She’s an amazing mama, the only people I see sexualizing this are the ones that think they’re fighting it.”

Lala is a great mom to Ocean regardless of what revealing pictures she posts on her Instagram.

Lala thinks people should mind their own business and she also has fans to defend her on the matter. Regardless of the hate comments, Kent has a ton of fans and supporters who think she is a great mom and doing everything she can to provide correctly for her daughter. What do you think about the picture she posted? Do you think it was as bad as some people do? Sound off in the comments below.

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