‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Silence About Quitting Show

Whoopi Goldberg - The View - The View, YouTube

The View talk show host Whoopi Goldberg is breaking her silence about quitting the show.

As Hollywood roils with strikes from writers and actors, worried fans turn their eyes to their favorite television shows. That includes the popular talk show, The View. Many fans have wondered if the strikes would spread far enough to disrupt daytime television. And as fears grow, Whoopi Goldberg decided to speak out and explain the situation. Here’s what she had to say, and what’s in store for The View as momentum for the strikes grows.

Writer And Actor Strike Leads To Fears Of View Walkout

Hollywood is a hotbed of controversy this month, perhaps more than usual.

Writers and actors are currently striking together for the first time in more than sixty years. Screenwriters’ unions say that the new streaming model of entertainment is cutting into their incomes while stacking profits for CEOs and executives. There has been more than a month of negotiation, but the groups seem as far from a compromise as they have ever been. And now, the actors’ guild SAG-AFTRA has gotten involved.

Like the screenwriters, actors say that streaming models are affecting their bottom line. Before streaming services, actors could rely on residuals and royalty checks to pay the bills between projects. But streaming services have cut into those income sources. And inflation is outpacing the compensation that screenwriters and actors are receiving, the unions claim. And the encroachment of artificial intelligence has people worried about their future careers. So they have entered into a dual strike, leaving Hollywood in chaos and future projects on pause.

The View - The View, YouTube
The View – The View, YouTube

Many fans have wondered if those would impact their daytime talk show favorites. After all, late-night shows have ground to a halt and are airing pre-recorded episodes until the strikes end. When The View aired a previously recorded episode on Friday, fans panicked about the implications. But one host took a moment to explain how the strikes are impacting them, and what fans can expect.

Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Silence About Quitting The View Amid Strikes

Amid fears that the hosts of The View were suddenly out for good, Whoopi Goldberg is breaking her silence. The show has been without writers since May when screenwriters first started striking. But the pre-recorded episode airing one day after actors joined the strike had fans spooked.

On Monday, Whoopi opened the episode with an explanation as to why the hosts are still working amid the SAG-AFTRA strike. She explained, “Like the soaps, soap operas, game shows, and news shows, we work under a different kind of contract.” They work under a Network Code. “Which means,” Whoopi said, “we are allowed to continue on.” Because the hosts are not actors, they are still able to work.

However, Whoopi added, they support their striking industry colleagues. “People are just trying to get some balance,” she said.

Are you relieved to hear from Whoopi Goldberg that the strikes won’t affect The View? And are there any other talk shows that you’re worried about? Catch The View from 11 AM to 12 PM EST on ABC.

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