How Teresa Giudice Plans To Make Filming Work With Melissa

Teresa Giudice - RHONJ - Bravo, YouTube

Teresa Giudice reveals how she plans to make filming work alongside Melissa Gorga for the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Ever since it was announced that contracts for the next season of RHONJ included the whole cast, fans have had questions. Namely, how is it possible for enemies Teresa and Melissa to film together? A source close to the situation has revealed Teresa’s plan for filming. Read on to find out how they’re going to make an impossible situation work.

Teresa And Melissa Are Both Back For Another Season, Somehow

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are no longer on speaking terms.

The pair have been involved in a feud for years. But tensions came to a head during the three-part reunion episode of RHONJ Season 13. During the reunion episode, Teresa and Melissa exchanged barbed insults and sharp comments. Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga is married to Melissa, and that’s at the heart of the feud between the pair. Teresa has accused Melissa of cheating on Joe. When she married her husband Luis Ruelas in 2022, Teresa did not include Melissa in her wedding party plans. As a result, Melissa and Joe skipped the wedding altogether. But it all boiled over during the reunion. In the end, Melissa and Teresa decided they would not speak to each other anymore. Their husbands supported their decision to part ways, even though Joe hinted at the hope that he and his sister could reconcile someday.

Melissa Gorga - Joe Gorga - RHONJ - Bravo, YouTube
Melissa Gorga – Joe Gorga – RHONJ – Bravo, YouTube

Fans assumed that either Teresa or Melissa would get the ax for Season 14. But when contracts were handed out earlier this month, both Teresa and Melissa were invited back for another season.

Teresa Giudice Reveals How She Plans To Make Filming Work With Melissa

Now that we know both Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga will be back, how are they going to make filming work? Awkwardly, it would seem.

A source close to the situation recently told The Sun how Teresa plans to handle filming alongside her sister-in-law. The source says that Teresa plans to just film like normal and “she’ll just completely ignore her” as she has in the past. The insider told the outlet that although sometimes the cast has to film together, Teresa “plans on sticking with those on her side.” She does not want to be confrontational with Melissa moving forward.

Teresa Giudice - Luis Ruelas - RHONJ - Bravo, YouTube
Teresa Giudice – Luis Ruelas – RHONJ – Bravo, YouTube

The source continues that Teresa feels like she “spoke her peace” at the reunion and “let it all out then and there.” And she got a lot “off her chest” at that time. Teresa’s husband Luis has been “calming her down” and is supportive of her plan to distance herself from her brother and sister-in-law, the insider claims.

Do you think that Teresa Giudice will be able to just ignore Melissa Gorga as she hopes? And what do you think will go down between the two next season on Real Housewives of New Jersey? Catch up on RHONJ on Bravo and Peacock.

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