Chris Lopez Threatens To ‘Violate’ Kailyn Lowry?

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Chris Lopez and Teen Mom 2 alum, Kailyn Lowry have been fighting it out for years, and with each escalation, things get worse. This week, he threatened to “violate” her. However, did that mean he threatened her with a physical violation? Scroll down to find out more.

Chris Lopez Admitted To A Choking Incident With Kailyn Lowry

If the former MTV star threatened Kail physically it wouldn’t be the first that she claimed something like that went down with him. Recently, she revisited her claims that she feared for her life when he choked her on the couch, and he didn’t deny it. Mind you, he counter-claims that she’s been equally abusive with him. One thing that Teen Mom fans agree on, is that their relationship seems permanently toxic.

Chris Lopez and Kailyn share two kids, Lux, and Creed. Additionally, she miscarried a child. So, despite their apparent loathing for each other, she certainly stuck around for a while. While he claims he wants a quiet life, he gets very vocal about his ex on social media. Shots are fired regularly between the two reality TV stars. At the same time, rumors roll around that she had a secret baby, and might be pregnant with twins. Mind you, why she would keep it a secret is anyone’s guess. Did he threaten to expose that she really is hiding extra kids? 

Chris Lopez ‘Aint Playing…Anymore’

Recently, Kail’s ex took to social media again and fired more shots at her. In his rant, he said, “I ain’t playing with this mfer anymore…” adding, “you should of kept quiet like you doing with those kids…Time to violate.” Next, he wrote, “IT’S GO TIME!” Was he talking about the alleged secret kids? Or, was he just back to the old rants about Lux and Creed?

Chris Lopez Threatens To Violate Kailyn Lowry
Image Credit: Chris Lopez – @teenmomfanz Instagram

@teenmomfanz shared the post by Chris Lopez on Instagram, and captioned it with, “OOP! 👀 Shots fired.” Not many people picked up that he might have referred to the rumored secret pregnancies. Actually, Teen Mom fans seem to feel that all he ever does is create drama to stay relevant. Meanwhile, others think that she deserved all the yelling and aggression from her baby daddy. In the end, they might both just try for relevance and interest seems to fade a bit.

MTC Fans Don’t Really Care About Him Wanting To ‘Violate’?

Chris Lopez violates Kailyn Lowry’s privacy every single week, it seems. So, what more can he possibly reveal that Teen Mom fans don’t already know? As one of them said in the comments, “Defend him all you want. It just shows he clearly got nothing better to do and is just as childish.”

Another commenter said, “His entire social media only has those followers because of who he has a kid with. His life literally revolves around her and the drama just to stay relative.”

What do you think about the aggressive-sounding violation threat? Do you think he plans to spill whether Kailyn really has more kids than MTV fans know? Sing out in the comments below.

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