‘LPBW’ Fans Horrified As Audrey Roloff’s Son Endangers Cat

Audrey Roloff - YouTube

While it may not come as too much of a shock, LPBW alum Audrey Roloff has managed to frustrate and horrify her 1.6M Instagram followers again. As Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, Jeremy Roloff’s beautiful wife frequently lands in hot water with TLC fans for her parenting choices and her dirty house. It, however, appears as if she’s really done it this time as fans are furious with something she posted on her Instagram Stories recently.

Turns out, Audrey Roloff shared a shocking video clip of her son Bode endangering their pet cat, Aspen, recently. And, fans are floored as to why Audrey not only thought it was acceptable behavior but why she also thought sharing the video on Instagram was a good idea.

What exactly was Audrey Roloff’s son Bode doing to the cat in this video? Keep reading for the details and scroll down to see a snapshot from the video.

LPBW - Audrey Roloff - YouTube
LPBW – Audrey Roloff – YouTube

LPBW: Fans Horrified As Audrey Roloff’s Son Endangers Cat

In a recent update on her Instagram Stories, Audrey Roloff praised their cat Aspen for being “the world’s best cat” while her son Bode wandered around the living room carrying the cat.

Bode appeared to have his arms wrapped around the cat’s neck as he wandered the room giggling. Fans agreed the cat looked to be uncomfortable and unhappy with the situation despite trying to be patient with Bode.

Here is a snapshot from the video of Bode carrying around Aspen:

Audrey Roloff's son Bode - Instagram

Given the size of the cat and Bode’s age, fans were in agreement he was likely too young to be picking up and carrying around the cat at all. At the very least, however, fans urged Audrey to take the time to teach her children how to properly and safely pick up the cat. On Reddit, fans pointed out that Bode could seriously injure Aspen. Moreover, if the cat got upset enough, Bode could have been injured as well.

Fans Also Ripped Audrey For Violating Bode’s Privacy

Side-stepping the cat, fans were also frustrated that Audrey Roloff had no shame in continuing to violate her children’s privacy. The video featured Bode wearing nothing but a pair of underwear as he wandered his living room holding the cat. Fans were horrified that Audrey saw no issues in exposing her son to her 1.6M followers in this manner.

Do you understand why this video of Bode and Aspen that Audrey Roloff shared on her Instagram Stories had her followers in such a frenzy? Do you agree that Audrey needs to teach her son how to properly handle the cat before he hurts Aspen? Moreover, are you surprised she posted this photo of her son in his underwear for the world to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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  1. Audrey Rolloff, DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THESE PEOPLE! I saw the video and your Bode was not hurting that cat. His arms were under the cats arms and the cat, while he would probably rather not be held for very long, he obviously loves his boy!

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