Deborah Roberts, 62, Shocks With Abs Of Steel In Bikini

Deborah Roberts - YouTube

During her recent vacation, Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts shocked everyone by showing off some serious abs of steel while rocking a black bikini and going for a dip in the lake. Immediately after returning home, Deborah wasted showing her followers how she managed to maintain that incredible bikini body.

At the age of 62, Al Roker’s wife doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon as she hit the gym HARD following her recent lavish vacation. As she typically did, the Good Morning America correspondent documented her intense workout via Instagram. Given how hard she went so soon after her vacation, fans now have a clear picture of how she’s able to maintain those abs of steel.

Deborah Roberts, 62, Hits Gym HARD After Vacation

Her husband Al Roker’s Instagram updates reveal the couple enjoyed a lot of large and delicious meals while they took a break from their hosting duties and enjoyed a little bit of a vacation. It, however, appears as if Deborah Roberts wasted NO time working off all of the tasty food she enjoyed during her vacation as she immediately kicked off her return by hitting the gym with an intense workout.

Check out a snapshot of Al Roker’s wife giving it her all at the gym:

Deborah Roberts - Instagram
Deborah Roberts – Instagram

She also shared this photo as she worked HARD to whip herself back into shape after her vacation:

Deborah Roberts - Instagram
Deborah Roberts – Instagram

She Recently Flaunted That Gym Body In A Black Bikini

Al Roker and his wife appeared to have a wonderful time by the lake for much of their vacation. In some of the snaps, Deborah Roberts was spotted rocking a black bikini as she went for a dip. Jaws of Al Roker and Deborah’s fans hit the floor as they took a look at those abs of steep the GMA personality was hiding under her usual fit.

Check out Deborah’s abs of steel as she absolutely killed it in a black bikini during her vacation in the photo below:

Deborah Roberts - Instagram
Deborah Roberts – Instagram

As her Instagram followers know, Deborah is a bit of a junkie when it comes to fitness. She goes on frequent runs and always gives it her all when she’s hitting the gym. Most of her followers admitted they hope they look half as good as she does in a bikini when they hit their 60s. Others jested that Al Roker was a VERY lucky man.

Are you in awe of the way Deborah Roberts hits the gym despite being 62? Moreover, were you surprised to see her chiseled abdomen in that black bikini? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on Deborah Roberts and her husband Al Roker.

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