‘The Vampire Diaries:’ Paul Wesley Addresses Revival Potential

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The Vampire Diaries has been a popular show amongst many. After the scripted tv show ended six years ago, fans have been longing for a reboot of the series. Paul Wesley, who played Stefan Salvatore, speaks out on whether he would come back as Stefan.

Spinoff After Spinoff

Vampire Diaries fans have seen the show have two spinoffs. Viewers have seen The Originals and Legacies, which were both based on other characters in the scripted tv show. However, the door has finally closed for the franchise. Well, for now, that is. The show starring the Salvatore brothers ended six years ago, however, you can still watch the vampire-based series on the streaming service, MAX. Now there are rumors that fans will receive a Vampire Diaries spinoff. Do you think all the original cast members will return if this is true?

Paul Wesley Is Over Being A Vampire

Sadly, Paul Wesley does not want any part in playing a vampire ever again. Wesley is known for his famous role as Stefan Salvatore in Vampire Diaries. It was a good time in Paul’s life, but he doesn’t want to dip his toes into that world anymore.

I don’t really miss anything about playing him, and I don’t mean that in a [negative way]. Eight years is a long time, and I’m so glad to put that to rest. Eight seasons. But I loved how dynamic he was. Because the show ran for such a long time, in order for it to not become monotonous, every season, he sort of had a different arc. At one point, he was pure evil, and he started out as the good guy, and then he ended as the good guy. But I liked the challenge of trying to keep the character fresh.

Fans cannot blame Paul Wesley for wanting to close that chapter in his life, he played a vampire for eight years, and it is okay for him to want to put it to rest. Cinema Blend pointed out that Paul still shows up to conventions and interacts with fans. Kat Graham who plays Bonnie Bennett on the show, feels the same way as Paul and wants to put her character to rest. Although the cast members do not seem to want to return for any acting roles, they all seem grateful for the eight years they spent on the show.


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Fans are disappointed after hearing Paul does not plan to return as Stefan Salvatore or as a vampire at all for that matter. Although, no one can blame Wesley as this did take up eight years of his life. Do you wish Paul would return as Stefan? What are your thoughts on his immediate shutdown about coming back? Sound off in the comments below.

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