‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s Ex-Husband Suffering From Cancer

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Robyn Brown‘s ex-husband David Preston Jessop is sadly living with a cancer diagnosis.

Although Robyn and her children have been part of Sister Wives since 2010, fans know very little about her ex. Although he shares Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna with Robyn, Preston hasn’t wanted anything to do with the series.

After splitting with Robyn, he also moved on and had a new family of his own. But sadly, new information reveals that he’s living with cancer.

Keep reading to get the details.

Robyn Brown’s ex is fighting for his life right now

Robyn Brown does not often speak about her ex-husband Preston Jessop on the show. And as of Season 17, it’s been quite some time since she’s mentioned him at all. But even so, many Sister Wives fans wonder about him. After all, he is the biological father of her three oldest children.

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But sadly, Preston Jessop was diagnosed with leukemia this year.

Money Woes

Redditors located the GoFundMe for Preston Jessop’s cancer treatment. As of July 2023, the family managed to raise just over $4,800. In the comments on the website, many donors revealed they learned about Preston’s cancer through the Backwoods Barbi YouTube channel.

Preston’s sister-in-law apparently created the GoFundMe based on the description.

“It turns out Preston has Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. The course of action was to have him take some pills that would keep it under control and eventually put it into remission,” the post reads. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the pills worked as expected.

As a result, Preston chose to try a more natural treatment. According to the GoFundMe, the family has a lot of hope for this path. However, it’s reportedly very expensive.

Robyn Brown and Dayton Brown from Instagram
Robyn Brown/Instagram

The post went on to say that insurance was not going to help with the natural treatment. Thankfully, Preston is in good hands right now between his care team and family. But since his wife is a stay-at-home mother who homeschools, the family’s finances have taken a pretty significant hit.

“Everything earned here will go directly to helping Preston fight his leukemia, making sure he has the proper diet, and supplements to help him gain strength so that he can continue to provide for his family,” the post concludes. “We, Preston’s family, are joining with Preston and his little family, to ask for your support as he takes on this fight. We appreciate any amount you can donate.”

Sister Wives fans react to the tragic news

Sister Wives fans left sympathetic comments on both the GoFundMe page as well as Reddit. How sad. Despite what Robyn took from him and how she dragged him through the mud on national television, it looks like he was able to move on and make a life for himself. It doesn’t replace what was lost, but I’m sure it provides some solace,” one Reddit user wrote.

Do you think Robyn Brown will allow the children to see their biological father amid his cancer diagnosis? Were you surprised to learn about Preston’s cancer in the first place? Share what you think in the comments and check back soon for more Sister Wives news.

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