Did Robyn Brown Fess Up To Her Shameful Truth?

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube

Has Robyn Brown been keeping a secret from the rest of the family?

After 17 seasons, most Sister Wives fans have developed a particular distaste for Kody Brown‘s fourth wife. But after a recent Reddit thread, viewers might dislike Robyn even more.

After reviewing early Sister Wives footage, one Redditor noticed something very telling. Keep reading to see what they discovered.

Were Kody and Robyn Brown intimate before their wedding?

Seasoned Sister Wives fans know that physical intimacy before marriage is forbidden. Even a kiss could completely derail a polygamist family’s dynamic.

But was it possible that Kody and Robyn had an intimate relationship before their wedding?

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLCSourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“Did Robyn openly admit to sleeping with Kody prior to getting engaged?” one Redditor asked others online. “Like most, I’m finally rewatching from the beginning after it first aired. This sub resparked my interest.”

The Reddit user described how awkward all the wives seemed together during their first couch interview. In the episode, Christine talks about her feelings about Kody and Robyn’s premarital kiss.

Robyn apparently defends herself and says, “He kissed me, and I was like ‘All right, well, it’s done. It’s been done. So, anyway…’”

The OP points out that Christine looks incredibly devastated about her comment, which makes Robyn cry.

“So, anyway… it’s pretty obvious that Kody and Robyn did get physical prior to marriage, but with the comment Robyn made, did she admit to sleeping with Kody before even being engaged?” the Redditor concluded their post.

Although the OP clearly stated their points, other Redditors were split over the idea.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLCSourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“I think that even kissing prior to marriage is considered taboo in their religion,” another user chimed in. “He was going out and spending nights and weekends with her so I think the three OG wives were definitely upset and that just added the cherry on top.”

But for other Sister Wives viewers, the weekend trips were really telling.

“Well, he sure as hell didn’t drive for 5 hours to sleep on the couch!!!!” another Redditor added.

The mystery continues

Redditors couldn’t seem to agree on anything conclusive here. Many said that Kody and Robyn definitely proved they skirted around the rules by kissing before marriage. In other words, a sexual encounter would be entirely possible.

Others pointed out that Mykelti lived with Robyn during the courtship, so it would be really odd for any sexual activity to occur.

But at the end of the day, no one really knows what happened during the courtship. And after all this time and years of drama, Kody and Robyn Brown probably won’t speak up anytime soon.

Do you think that Kody and Robyn had physical intimacy before tying the knot? No matter what you think, share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay tuned for the latest Sister Wives news and updates.

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