Teddi Mellencamp Addresses Kyle Richards’ Split

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RHOBH alum Teddi Mellencamp is addressing the split between Kyle Richards and her husband, Mauricio Umansky. Mellencamp and Richards have been best friends since the former joined the series in Season 8. Unfortunately, Teddi’s contract was not renewed after Season 10 but they still remained close. Now, Teddi opening up about her close friend’s alleged split and how she will handle it from here. Read on for more details.

Teddi Mellencamp Addresses Kyle Richards’ Split

When Teddi Mellencamp first joined RHOBH, she clicked with Dorit Kemsley until she was late for drinks. Then, she gravitated to Lisa Vanderpump over their love of horses. Yet, it was Kyle Richards who still owned her own clothing store and was able to help Teddi with fashion. They became so close, in fact, some of the cast questioned it. However, Kyle is the kind that when she likes you, she grabs hold. Even after Teddi exited, they traveled together and are still quite good friends. On July 3rd, it came out that Kyle and her husband, Mauricio Umansky had split after nearly 30 years together.

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Kyle, Teddi-Facebook

Though they denied it, they also claimed they had the toughest year of their marriage and were working on it privately. Additionally, there were affair allegations on both sides. For quite some time, Mauricio was accused of being unfaithful but then the tables turned and it was Kyle Richards in the spotlight. It looked like she might be having her own rendezvous with country singer, Morgan Wade. She claims that they are great friends but no one knows.

Now, Teddi Mellencamp is opening up on her podcast, Two T’s In A Pod. A snippet from it was shared on Twitter. Teddi addressed that many fans were asking about the split between Kyle and Mauricio. However, Teddi explained that along with her co-host Tamra Judge, iHeart Radio, and the producers, this is her boundary. Therefore, she will not cross it and talk about their private situation. She further added that Kyle’s family is like hers and this is not like talking about people she just watches on television and does not know.

Should She Speak?

Fans were not so happy with Teddi Mellencamp’s decision to stay silent. Maybe they did not like that Tamra Judge had a say in it either. Soon enough, followers were tweeting their thoughts. “Teddi melllencamp is such a hypocrite,” one wrote. Another added: “She did the same with Erika n Mo against Garcelles son So anyone but the fraud five and their hubbies is where she crosses the line?” 

This is a tough situation when it comes to a best friend but should Kyle be exempt? Do you think that Teddi should keep doing her job or is she being respectful? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Friends do not cross that line. No matter if it’s your job to talk about other peoples business. She did the right thing!!!! Good job Teddi!

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