David Woolley Breaks Silence Before Wedding To Christine Brown

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been preparing for her upcoming wedding. She was recently spotted shopping for gowns. There are also reports that the 51-year-old mother is looking forward to walking down the aisle with David Woolley this summer. However, the TLC star’s future husband wants to clarify things first before the big day. Recently, David took to Instagram to open up about himself.

Sister Wives: Do All Of The Kids Accept Christine Brown & David Woolley’s Wedding?

Christine and David have yet to share if their children accept their future marriage. But they often post pictures of them spending time with the kids, and it’s clear that many of them are happy. One of them is Truely, who cuddled with her mother’s future husband during a family photo. Some of the Sister Wives star’s kids have shown respect for her decision.

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Though others appear to struggle with accepting it. At one point, Christine’s son Paedon Brown revealed that he would never be close to David. Additionally, some fans are hoping that the mother-of-six will continue to keep her children in touch with their biological father. Gwendlyn has been silent regarding her mother’s future husband as well, and fans have yet to see her interact with him.

David Shares More Details About Himself

David took to social media to talk about himself ahead of his wedding with Christine. He even apologized for being mysterious for months and felt like it was about time fans got to know him more. According to the 59-year-old father, he has eight kids, and six of them are married while the other two are still single. He also shared that he already has 10 grandchildren. Christine’s future husband added that he has kids and grandkids in California that are his extended family, but he considers them his own. Some of his kids don’t want to get involved in the spotlight. Due to this, he decided to cover their faces.

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Furthermore, David revealed being a single dad for 11 years. He was once married for 20 years. But his wife suffered from depression. The father-of-eight also added running a drywall company for 20 years. He ended his message by thanking his supporters. He also expressed his excitement about getting married to the Sister Wives star.

Sister Wives: Fans May Have Seen The Wedding Venue

Christine has yet to share her wedding venue with David. However, some are speculating that the two may tie the knot in a beautiful venue in Utah that was once used for a Brown family wedding. Recently, Meri was spotted seemingly filming in La Caille. It’s unclear if it’s for the upcoming season. Others also assume that the ex-sister wife was talking to wedding organizers to help Christine. Some are also hoping that it’s one of her ways to make it up to her sister wife after her harsh comments towards her last season.

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