Kailyn Lowry Accidentally Confirms Birthday Of Baby #5?

Kailyn Lowry - Teen Mom - Baby Mamas No Drama, Kail and the Chaos, YouTube

Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry accidentally confirmed the birthday of mystery baby #5.

For nearly a year, fans of Kailyn have been speculating that she was first pregnant with and then delivered a fifth baby in secret. Kailyn has worked hard to keep the truth under wraps. But in a new podcast appearance, the reality tv star has dropped a confirmation about the mystery baby that she probably didn’t even realize. Fans, however, certainly took note.

Kail’s Mystery Baby #5

Kailyn Lowry has been keeping a big secret from fans for months. According to rumors and reports, Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with a mystery baby #5 in 2022. Elijah Scott, her boyfriend, is rumored to be the father.

Kailyn Lowry - Teen Mom - Instagram
Kailyn Lowry – Teen Mom – Instagram

But instead of announcing the pregnancy on social media and sharing a play-by-play, Kail clammed up completely. Eagle-eye fans began noticing what they said was proof of a baby in the house as early as late in 2022. And earlier this year, The Sun reported that Kail gave birth to a baby boy on November 20, 2022.

However, despite all the confirmation and apparent proof, Kailyn still didn’t confirm her newest baby’s existence. It led baffled fans to dig even harder and try to find proof of the baby’s existence. As it turns out, all they needed to do was wait. Because Kail herself would reveal the baby’s birth date in an offhanded comment that she probably didn’t even realize she was making.

Kailyn Lowry Seems To Accidentally Confirm When Baby #5 Was Born

On Tuesday’s episode of Kailyn Lowry’s podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama, the reality tv star interviewed Aurora Culpo. Her usual co-host, Vee Rivera, is on vacation this week.

The pair dished the dirt on co-parenting through challenges with their exes. And they discussed finding their identities outside of being mothers. However, before the conversation got started in earnest, Kailyn dropped a bomb that had fans erupting with excitement. While she was introducing her guest and they were shooting the breeze, Kail mentioned a connection between herself and Aurora.

Kailyn Lowry - Teen Mom - Baby Mamas No Drama, Instagram
Kailyn Lowry – Teen Mom – Baby Mamas No Drama, Instagram

Kail told Aurora that when she, “first came across your show, I was in the hospital having one of my kids.” Aurora is the star of the TLC series The Culpo Sisters alongside her sisters Oliva and Sophia. And there’s just one problem with the timeline: the show only came out on November 7, 2022. Kail’s fourth child, the youngest one she admits to having in public, is about to turn three years old. So that can’t be the child she was giving birth to when stumbling across The Culpo Sisters.

And the new timeline aligns with The Sun’s report of a baby arriving on November 20, 2022. Fans online immediately took to social media to discuss the development. On one Teen Mom forum, a fan wrote, “Wow!!! She told on herself.” Others said that she was trying to be “sneaky” but tripped herself up.

Teen Mom star Kailyn still won’t confirm the mystery baby, although fans say it seems silly at this point to hold out. Do you think Kailyn Lowry just revealed her baby’s approximate birth date? Let us know in the comments, and catch reality tv star Kail on her podcast Baby Mamas No Dramas on Tuesdays.

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