Christine Brown Caught Wedding Gown Shopping, See Pic

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from Instagram

Christine Brown is keeping an eye out for the wedding dress of her dreams!

Sister Wives fans already suspected that her wedding day is coming up soon. Christine and David Woolley have been traveling together lately. Previous rumors indicated that the couple planned to tie the knot before the summer came to an end.

Although Christine and David still haven’t revealed many details about their wedding, TV Shows Ace can confirm the bride-to-be was seen shopping for a wedding dress.

Keep reading to learn more and see what other Sister Wives fans had to say.

Christine Brown shows off her figure while dress shopping

All over the world, brides-to-be enjoy trying on wedding dresses and modeling their favorite choices for loved ones. And it appears that TLC star Christine Brown just went dress shopping with some of the most important women in her life.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Sister Wives, TLCSourced from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

It’ll be a while before Sister Wives fans get to see the official wedding dress, but it appears that Christine did go shopping for one recently, as evidenced by a social media image.

In the photo, Christine and David’s sister stand together and pose nicely for the camera. Christine’s mother Annie can be seen to the left, posing thoughtfully. Three of Christine’s daughters, seemingly Ysabel, Mykelti, and Aspyn, are to the right and appear to be completely unaware that someone was taking a photo.

Christine is wearing a lovely hot pink jumpsuit that snugs her frame and goes over one shoulder. Fans couldn’t believe how radiant she looked in the image. After leaving Kody Brown and the polygamist lifestyle behind, her style has completely transformed.

Christine Brown from social media with David Woolley's sister and other family members

“She’s come a long way from the Mormon modest layered style the wives used to wear when the show started,” one fan shared their opinion online.

“This outfit really shows off her curves,” another wrote.

Overall, fans really went wild for the pink jumpsuit. A few even suggested that Kody Brown would really regret letting her get away after seeing the new outfit.

The TLC star is a completely transformed woman

After being Kody Brown’s third wife for decades, Sister Wives fans weren’t surprised to see Christine Brown’s style change. However, few anticipated that it would change so dramatically.

In 2023, followers have seen the TLC star wear more sultry outfits that hug her curves and show off her body. And fans are totally here for it!

These days, Christine Brown is dressing how she wants to and isn’t letting any naysayers bother her. Fans agree that she seems much happier now that her old life is in the rearview mirror. Now, she can just focus on true happiness with David.

What do you think about Christine Brown‘s hot pink jumpsuit? What do you think her wedding dress will look like? Share your thoughts in the comments and let everyone else know.

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