NBC Shocks With Unexpected Cancellation Of Fan Favorite

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NBC has broken the hearts of many after making the shocking decision to cancel a long-running fan favorite. The biggest reason why this news came as such a shock to NBC viewers is because the network had previously saved the series from cancellation only to cancel it again. Which series is this that’s getting axed exactly? Keep reading for the upsetting news.

NBC Shocks With Unexpected Cancellation Of Fan Favorite

Back in 2022, CBS made the decision to cancel the Magnum P.I. reboot. NBC, however, heard fans’ cries and picked the series up and saved it from cancellation. The network ended up dropping the ball recently and leaving fans devastated after making the decision not to move forward with another season of this fan-favorite.

It is no secret that Magnum P.I. has consistently held its place as one of the top shows on network television for the past four seasons. Unfortunately, the ongoing writers’ strike put such a serious snag in production that the network decided it was better to just cancel the series completely. So, according to Deadline, it has been confirmed that Season 5 will be the final season of Magnum P.I. This is, of course, unless another network decides to swoop in and once again save the series from cancellation.

Presently, the fifth and final season of the series has been split into two different parts. The second 10-episode part is ready to air. The air date, however, has yet to be announced.

Unsurprisingly, fans are not taking this news any better than they did when CBS tried to pull the plug. And, the #SaveMagnumPI campaign on Twitter has already begun. Most fans are in agreement that they just don’t understand why the network made the decision to save the series only to turn around and cancel it.

Per the cancellation report, it doesn’t sound like ending the series is something NBC really wanted to do. It sounds like the decision was made out of concern the production pause because of the writing strike could cause issues with retaining the current cast.

Were you among fans who were thrilled when NBC made the decision to pick up Magnum P.I. and save it from cancelation after CBS made the decision to axe the show? Are you surprised to learn the network has now turned around and also axed the series? Or, do you think the series has run its course and it is time for it to come to an end? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

Update: The cast is doing all they can to save the series!

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  1. Please reconsider keeping Magnum P I Nice lighthearted show and very entertaining not to mention the beautiful location.

  2. Although I am not addicted to the show I do enjoy watching it whenever I can. A good show like this is much better than all of the so called ‘reality shows’ that have been replacing quality shows like this one.

  3. terrible it was a good show I always watched when I could but leave junk on TV what a shame they should think again a take off a reality show

  4. I am watching the show right now when I saw this , what a shock. I enjoy this show and it is much better than a lot of junk programming that is on now.

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