‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Amy Halterman Ripped For Dangerous Addiction

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Amy Halterman is living her best life as a single mother of two while soaking up the sun on vacation in Florida. While fans of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters love all of these things for Amy, they aren’t particularly happy with her because of a photo that is making rounds on social media. The photo reveals that despite the recommendations of multiple medical experts and the best interest of her children, Amy Halterman has refused to kick a pretty dangerous addiction. And, fans are absolutely livid about it.

What exactly is Amy Halterman doing in this photo that has fans so upset with her? Keep reading for the scoop.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Halterman Ripped For Dangerous Addiction

When Amy Halterman got approved for weight loss surgery, giving up cigarettes was a recommendation from her doctors. Likewise, fans can only assume her doctors doubled down on this recommendation when she become pregnant with both Glenn and Gage.

Now, fans were under the impression Amy Halterman did listen to her doctor and gave up smoking. Unfortunately, there have been reports that Amy (and many other members of her family) simply just don’t smoke when the cameras are rolling. In fact, there have been some whispers that TLC was in on wanting to paint the picture that they all gave up smoking and agreed to just keep it off-camera.

Amy Halterman - Facebook/Instagram
Amy Halterman – Facebook/Instagram

Sadly, it is starting to seem like these rumors may not be a stretch of reality as Amy Halterman was photographed with a cigarette in hand recently. According to The Sun, this photo is making rounds on various social media platforms and fans are NOT happy about it. Many are begging Amy to give up the habit if for no reason other than the best interest of her children.

One fan penned: “I’m sad to see Amy getting bigger and double fisting cigs and a vape, I’m sure the divorce has done a number on her and I hope she gets the help that she needs before her and Tammy end up the same size.”

“Amy double fisting the cigarette and weed pen lmao girl,” A second fan chimed in.

Amy Halterman - Facebook/Instagram
Amy Halterman – Facebook/Instagram

1000-Lb. Sisters fans (for the most part) love Amy Halterman and the new life she’s living. They want nothing but the best for her children. Fans, however, just aren’t too happy with learning that she still hasn’t kicked the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes. And, they agree she’s putting herself and her children in danger.

What are your thoughts on Amy Halterman’s addiction? Do you think she needs to kick the habit? Let us know in the comments and keep coming back for more TLC news.

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