‘Sister Wives’ Horrified By Paedon Brown’s DISGUSTING Post

Paedon Brown

Christine and Kody Brown’s son Paedon broke his Instagram silence earlier today and Sister Wives fans were completely disgusted by his post. Fans of the TLC series clarify they were all for the epic burn of his father, Kody. But, they wish he would have done it without a post that oozed such a strong “ick” factor. What exactly did Paedon post that has fans so upset?

Sister Wives Horrified By Paedon Brown’s DISGUSTING Post

After months of silence, Paedon Brown shocked his followers when he shared a few black-and-white photos of girls in bikinis hosting a car wash for Father’s Day. What Sister Wives fans, however, found truly disturbing was the hashtags Paedon added to his post. More specifically, fans thought the use of the word “girls” felt wrong as these were adults in the photos he shared — not children.

Paedon Brown - Instagram
Paedon Brown – Instagram

There were some fans of Sister Wives so turned off by this post that they question if Paedon was hacked because it just didn’t seem like the type of thing he would post. Here’s what some completely disgusted fans had to say in the comments of his post:

  • “Were you hacked lol? I mean this is a little weird”
  • “Looks fun, but gotta say your hashtags #girl#dad#sexy, in that order, is icky.”
  • “Sooo I guess we don’t have to ask how things are with your and your dad.”
  • “Why post this???? I don’t see the humor. All I see is sadness. These young ladies can do better for themselves.” 

Some Sister Wives fans noted they were “disappointed” in him and others said everything about the post was “classless.” Other than fans who enjoyed Paedon dissing his father, there just wasn’t a lot of love for him in the comments.

Paedon Brown - Instagram
Paedon Brown – Instagram

This Is Who He Is Though?

Now, there were some Sister Wives fans defending Paedon. These fans pointed out that the individuals who are upset in his comments just don’t really know him. In an interview on YouTube, Paedon was reportedly very open about his love for women as he revealed he was a bouncer at a strip club. Moreover, he’s been very open about wanting to find a “dark queen” or a cute “emo girl” to be in a relationship with via several videos on TikTok. So, for fans who really know Paedon’s personality now, this post wasn’t too much of a surprise.

Did you find Paedon Brown’s Instagram post to be uncomfortable? Do you understand why people were so upset about it?

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  1. I really don’t care. That I think 18 Kids is nuts. Kody wold be in deep crap if he dose hare.s no way to support his kids if they throw the show off. I don’t watch it anymo

  2. I see the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Paedon is the most like Kody out of all the boys, especially in his actions.

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