’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ Season 5 Exciting Preview

Daniele Gates - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 5 has almost arrived, and the first look preview is here.

And boy, is it explosive.

Because guess who’s back? It’s Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo! The two somehow made it through the wilderness, to make it to Season 5.

The Season 5 Preview Is A Sneak Peak Into a Season of Chaos

If you’ll recall, at the end of Season 4, Yohan Geronimo (34) told Daniele Gates (43) that he wanted a divorce. Daniele meeting up with her ex, Taylen, was apparently his final straw. Or maybe not.

In this Season, the two are trying to start over. They’re planning on starting a business together, buying a house, and making a baby.

But things go south after Yohan calls Daniele selfish and says she only thinks of herself. Daniele then yells, “So go home! Get the f–k out of my house. Get out of my house.”

Kenny And Armando Are Back!

And joining the dynamic (dysfunctional) duo is fan favorite couple, Kenny Niedermeier (60) and Armando Rubio (34).

Kenny - Armando - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube
Kenny – Armando – 90 Day Fiancé – YouTube

While they’re usually in step with one another, they clash this season over a big move to Mexico City, and the choice whether or not to have kids together.

Kimberly Has To Check With Her Spirit Guides

And as for new couples, they seem like an interesting group of people.

The preview kicks off nice and early with Tejaswi (33) and Kimberly (30). Kimberly chimes in, “I haven’t really checked in with my spirit guides, but they’ve been trying to tell me to calm down.”

Kimberly - Tejaswi - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube
Kimberly – Tejaswi – 90 Day Fiancé – YouTube

Alabama Kimberly is clairvoyant and met her fiancé “through a dream.” Now, she’s moving to India to be with him, 10 days before their wedding.

Brandan Goes Straight For The Overshare

The next new couple, Brandan (23) and Mary (23) hail from Oregon and the Philippines, respectively.

Brandan doesn’t waste any time going straight for an overtime, chirping that he and Mary, “For the past two years, I spend every single second on video call with Mary. We eat, we sleep, we do phone sex, and I can’t wait to finally be together with Mary.”

Mary - Brandan - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube
Mary – Brandan – 90 Day Fiancé – YouTube

Copy that, Brandan.

Holly And Wayne Seem Sweet

For the next new couple, Holly (44) and Wayne (40), things are off to a rocky start.

In the preview, Holly is staying with Wayne in his home, and the burglar alarm goes off. A flabbergasted Holly tells Wayne that she doesn’t feel safe alone in the house, and Wayne responds that she knew what she was in for when she moved in with him.

Holly - Wayne - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube
Holly – Wayne – 90 Day Fiancé – YouTube

They’re trying to make it work in South Africa, but Holly’s mom is on the way to check things out.

Shekinah And Sarper Fell Hard and Fast

Smoking hot couple Shekinah (41) and Sarper (43) are looking to make love work in Turkey after they fell in love with each other hard and fast.

Drawn together by undeniable sexual chemistry, they fell in love just two days after meeting.

Shekinah’s loved ones think Sarper is just a playboy and user and tries to set some ground rules for their relationship. Sarper isn’t feeling it though, and the two clash over who’s in control.

Kirsten And Julio Fall In Love In Quarantine

Kirsten (24) and Julio (27) met through Instagram and felt instantly connected. But it was after they spent a week together in quarantine that things really heated up.

Kirsten - Julio - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube
Kirsten – Julio – 90 Day Fiancé – YouTube

Now, Kirsten is leaving the Netherlands to come to New York to meet Julio’s mom for the first time. If all goes well, they’ll move back to the Netherlands together.

But a shocking revelation stands between the two and happily ever after.

Which couples will make it to the end, and which will call it quits before the tell-all exposes the truth in the end? Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way premieres on TLC on July 10.

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