Bikini-Clad Audrey Roloff Highlights Thigh Gap & Flat Stomach

Audrey Roloff - Instagram

Despite her modest beliefs, Jeremy Roloff’s wife Audrey didn’t hesitate to share a stunning bikini-clad snap as she highlighted her impressive thigh gap and her flat stomach. Interested in seeing her bikini-clad snap? Keep scrolling to check it out!

Bikini-Clad Audrey Roloff Highlights Thigh Gap & Flat Stomach

Audrey Roloff was all smiles as she shared a photo of herself rocking a black bikini with a colorful floral pattern on her Instagram Stories recently. The photo was one of many that she shared recently as she highlighted her child-free getaway with her husband, Jeremy. This particular photo, however, caught the eyes of a lot of LPBW fans because Audrey was showing off a serious amount of skin.

Wearing a large sunhat, Audrey had her sunglasses pulled off her face in her hand as she smiled at the camera. Her black bikini was relatively modest with high-waisted bottoms and a squared neckline that kept her cleavage completely covered. The bikini, however, did make it easy for her to showcase her impressive thigh gap and her toned, flat stomach.

Audrey Roloff's Smile [Source: Audrey Roloff - Instagram]
[Source: Audrey Roloff – Instagram]
Her gorgeous red hair flowed loosely down her body and she had a black scrunchie wrapped around one wrist in the off chance she needed to tame her long red tresses.

Audrey had her other hand wrapped around some sort of orange ice cream/shake with a straw sticking out of it as she enjoyed soaking up the sun near the resort pool.

Jeremy & Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Jeremy & Audrey Roloff- Instagram

Jeremy Roloff wasn’t in the photo with his beautiful wife, but most fans assumed he was likely the one who snapped this bikini-clad snap so Audrey could post it on her profile and promote the bikini she was wearing.

In a caption, Audrey Roloff tagged the brand of the bathing suit as she admitted she absolutely adored this particular bikini.

LPBW Fans React To Her Bikini

LPBW fans have pretty mixed feelings about the bikini-clad snap. Some agree Audrey looks INCREDIBLE considering how many children she’s given birth to in a short amount of time. Others, however, criticize her for wearing such a revealing bathing suit. Moreover, some don’t care about the bikini and just take issue with her using the post to push a brand on her followers.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

What did you think of Audrey Roloff’s black floral bikini? Do you agree that she has an impressive thigh gap and a surprisingly flat stomach considering she has three small children? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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